Gossip; Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, Risk to become a movie

9 11 2009

Poor Lindsay Lohan, I truly feel sorry for this girl. Did she ever stand a chance with a stage mother that goes out partying with her and a dead-beat dad that sells her out to the tabloids. He has humiliated her many times in the past, but what he did last week is just the bottom of the barrel. He demanded $100.000 for tapes of a distressed Lindsay saying she can’t handle it anymore. Tapes that are according to Lindsay years old. No wonder she became a druggie with such shameless fucked up parents.

And poor Britney Spears being ridiculed by australian press, politicians and fans for not singing live at her shows in Australia this weekend. Everybody keeps saying it’s a waste of money when she only lip-synching her way through the concerts. I don’t understand the problem here. If you are a fan of Britney you know she does not sing live, but brings a great show. It’s not like she became famous for her extremely pretty and talented voice. 

The fantastic and classic board-game Risk will be made into a movie by the same people behind Transformers and G.I Joe. According to them the strategic thinking and tactical gambles that players must take are easily translated into an action-packed and thrilling movie. I personally think it’s a fantastic idea. It is my favorite board-game and I am super curious how this will pan out!!




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