Picky eaters!!

12 12 2009

When I was a kid I was a pretty picky eater, no fish and also not a lot of veggies. My mom never pushed me into eating anything that I did not like with as a result that I know eat about everything. All veggies, all(even raw) fish, all meats. The only things I don’t like to eat are tomatoes and grapefruit. My boyfriend does not care about warm pineapple but really likes everything else. When we had dinner in Key West one night we really had to laugh about how picky one woman was. She wanted a caprese salad but was allergic to milk(yeah right) and could thus for not have the mozzarella in it. She also did not care for tomatoes(that I can understand) and she wanted to have the dressing on the side. So basically just dry lettuce. Why the hell do people like that even go out to a nice restaurant?? The waiter seemed to get really inpatient with her and I can totally understand, if I was a chef/waiter I would have loved to just kick her out of my restaurant.




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