Suri Cruise, 3 years going on 30

16 12 2009

Most celebrity toddlers are cute and seem fairly normal. Violet Affleck(Ben Affleck/Jennifer Garner), Kingston Rossdale( Gavin Rossdale/Gwen Stefani), Shiloh Jolie-Pitt(needs no explanation). One of those toddlers is way of that normal range though and that is Suri Cruise. Reason for that, her ridiculous parents. Every new picture I see of her I cringe a little more. She is 3 years old and (allegedly) wears little high heels all the time(isn’t that bad for growth and posture), wears huge earrings, is up around mid-night and drinks from Starbucks. It already started with her not wearing coats in the winter to show of her perfect little dresses but it gets worse all the time. I also read in the gossip magazines that Tom lets her do anything she wants because that way a kid can express itself best. Yeah and turn into an egotistical little brat!! Poor Suri, never had a chance in hell.




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