It should not get any crazier then this, Race Riots in the Netherlands

7 01 2010

Yes, you read it correct. Not in Africa or Asia but in the fucking Netherlands. In the town of Culemborg in the centre of our country groups of Moroccans(Islam) and Moluccas(a christian island group of Indonesia) are fighting each other.It is so bad that people are not allowed congregate in groups bigger then 4 on the streets over there. For years there have been troubles between these groups but since last september when a Moroccan and Moluccas guy got into a fight in a restaurant things have gotten out of control. A 15-year old Moluccas girl identified a Moroccan guy that put a car on fire to the police a few weeks ago and as a retaliation a group of 5 Moroccans in a car drove into a group of Moluccas with the 15-year old girl in their midst. Now people out of both groups from all over the country have promised to come to Culemborg to fight. A small group of Moluccas were a problem in the Netherlands in the 70’s but since then they have integrated very well into the dutch society unlike a lot of Moroccans. But the Moluccas are not taken any crap from anyone unlike lots of dutch people who keep on sugar-coating Moroccan behavior and that is why there are altercations now. Hope the dutch politicians finally learn something from this and take actions before it is too late.




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