Clijsters beats Henin in epic battle

10 01 2010

If the first big finale of the year 2010 is any sign for the rest of the season, we will get a great tennis year. And how happy should we be as tennis fans that both belgian girls are back on tour. They have often had interesting match-ups(the last in 2006) with lots of drama with Clijsters being the best in the beginning of their career and Henin in the end, Henin leading 12-11 now. This match was of a very high level with Clijsters winning the first set easy with 6-3 and leading 4-1 in the second. After playing superb until then, Clijsters suddenly started making more errors and Henin showed her strong mental strength winning 8 games in a row. The phenomenal backhand was back and fired winner after winner. Clijsters clawed back to 3-3 but Henin had 2 matchpoints at 5-4  in the final set. Clijsters came back and the match ended in a deserved tiebreak. Clijsters missed 3 matchpoints(or Henin won them) at 6-3 but Clijsters showed her increased mental toughness winning the tiebreak 8-6. I think winning this was very important for Clijsters, if she would have lost the chances of her winning the future against Henin might have been small.




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