Why doesn’t Pat Robertson just die and go to hell already

14 01 2010

The religious freak TV-host has done and said many ridiculous things in the past blaming everything bad on gays and everything good on God but now he really has crossed the line. He said yesterday that the terrible earthquake that hit Haiti this week was because Haiti swore a pact to the devil back in the days. When the French were still ruling over them they would serve the devil if they would get them free from the French. According to Robertson the devil did just that and since then they are having bad times over and over. Robertson says they should turn to God and then something good might come out of this earthquake. What an ass, using such a terrible tragedy to promote his God-talk.



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16 01 2010

yeah…right on. this pat robertson will have many curses on his head now after claiming that haitians deserve the death and suffering from the quake. he is a cold hearted devil himself. think about it. pat robertson will die soon too. that’s my prediction.

16 01 2010

His wicked soul will be roasting in hell soon enough

CNN producer note
brixton often shares his opinions on the news of the day in cartoon form.
– zdan, CNN iReport producer
iReport —
Telediabolist Pat Robertson claims Haitians visited the epic disaster they’re dealing with on themselves by making a pact with the devil to gain independence from France two hundred years ago. That imbecility might even trump Falwell’s classic bit of hate stating 9/11 was visited on the USA because we had turned our backs on God.

Best defense a CBN mouthpiece has offered for Robertson is that he didn’t say the disaster was ‘God’s wrath.’ No, just that God allowed it to happen and Haitians are devil-worshippers.

Ironic, that a man who’s built his career (and fortune) on that gentle carpenter from two millennia ago, doesn’t know the first thing about his message of love.

Haitians need help. Food, water, materiale. Anything and everything but hate.

We can pray as well. Something Robertson knows nothing about.
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