Olympics day 3

16 02 2010

I focus on the speed skating and it was quite the day. But not so much because of the great skating but because of the unprofessionalism of the ice makers and organization. At the 3k ladies there was already a longer delay than normal because one of the ice machines that cleans and prepares the rink was broken, but yesterday it was even more of a disaster. Men had to wait for an hour and 15 minutes extra because 2 Zamboni’s were broken and a third one was dirty and was not sharp. Unbelievable how this can happen at such an important event. Now they will fly in an extra machine from Calgary where the ice is always fantastic. Maybe they should have done this earlier. At least the machines that do not work are environmentally green!!

The 500m men goes in 2 heats and the differences were very small. It was an all asian podium. Korean Mo won, Japan’s Nagashima was second before his fellow country man Kato. Best dutch man on our weakest distance was Jan Smeekens with a 6th place. Canadian great Jeremy Wotherspoon ended on a disappointing 9th place, 2 places before our number 2, Ronald Mulder.




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