Gay News; Elton John think Jesus was gay, Giro d’Italia might get male kissers, Johnny Weir robbed?

19 02 2010

Elton John might have gotten himself in trouble with some of his christian fans by saying that Jesus was a passionate and very intelligent gay man. He said this to American magazine Parade. Who knows if he was or not. Could be, could be not.

The second most famous biking race, the Giro d’Italia always has two women kissing the winner at the ceremony after a race. Members of the Green Left Party in Amsterdam are lobbying for 2 gay men to give the kiss on the Amsterdam leg of the race. Even though I think it would be fun to watch I also think it is a ridiculous idea.

According to almost everyone, Johnny Weir was robbed at yesterday’s free skate during the Olympics. Even though he was one of the only men to have skated flawless he ended in 6th place. That should at least have been 2 places higher. A medal was pushing it but if some people would have made a mistake more he would have gotten his medal. I bet at least some of the judges give him less because he is so flamboyant and that means he would never win anything big. The crowd booed his score and he said the crowd appreciation means more to him than the judging. Evil queen Evan Lysacek won gold, to many undeserved, by beating out Plushenko.




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