British Airways strike

27 03 2010

The losers of BA have to fuck up everyone’s travel for yet another time. At midnight they will start their strike for another 4 days, after already having been on strike last week for 3 days. The personnel wants more money even though I read they already got more than any other company. My experiences with BA have been so bad, twice I had to wait at Heathrow for a full day to get from London to Amsterdam(40 min). Last year my luggage was lost for 2 weeks. The service is horrible, even in the business class lounge the people(especially the women) are rude and fugly. I try to avoid them like the plague and recommend others the same thing. If you fly from the U.S to Amsterdam on American just go to Brussels instead and then take the train. It is quicker, much cheaper and a lot less hassle.




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