America’s Next Top Model

8 06 2010

I have alway liked this show and probably watched all seasons, but after just finishing cycle 12 last night, I am getting more and more annoyed. Most of all with the judges, when they have 10 pretty girls and they let them leave the show one by one and end up with the 4 ugliest I do not get it. I know a good model is not necessarily the prettiest girl, but a girl that looks 40 and is unattractive, a girl that looks like a scary doll, a girl with duck-lips and the winner that looks like my Italian Greyhound as the final 4 is a bit much. Tyra Banks has such a big ego it almost rivals her ass. I like Miss Jay but someone needs to reel her in as well and she is not funny. And Nigel Barker is a pompous cocky Brit that cannot take any slight bit of criticism by one of the girls towards him. I miss Janice Dickinson and Nole Marin as judges. I heard for the upcoming season they changed the judges and the prize will be a cover fo Italian Vogue instead of Seventeen. Maybe that spices things up a bit, otherwise they lose me as a viewer.




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9 06 2010
World Wide News Flash

America?s Next Top Model…

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