Mother Theresa on Empire State Building

11 06 2010

There has been so much talk and bitching about whether or not the 100th birthday of Mother Theresa should be celebrated with a special color of the Empire State Building in blue and white. The Empire State did not want to do this. No one knows why but catholics are pissed and feel it is about them. I dunno, at first I thought they only did things that have got to do with the U.S but the 60th anniversary of communist China was celebrated in red last year and the death of Pope John Paul 2 was remembered as well. Owner Malkin even said yes to Mariah Carey so than mother Theresa must be a yes as well,a little more important in history then miss Carey don’t you think. My feelings about mother Theresa or a bit double. She has done so much good for everyone in the world also for instance opening AIDS hospices in NY, but is also the reason I lost a quiz on TV once and with that lots of money. I thought a pic of her was shown really blurry but it was actually Frank Sinatra. I was nervous,all right!! But it has haunted me ever since.




One response

12 06 2010

Mother Theresa was a catholic fanatic fraud. For whatever good she did in India, it was offset by her zealous opposition to birth control in a country that needed it so direly. Her self-promotional campaign also put her in the arms of such vile criminals as Michelle Duvalier and Charles Keating – so long as they wrote her checks. She was also a keen supporter of the murderous Hoxa regime in her native Albania.

No to lighting the Empire State building for this zealous nut case. And shame on the Catholic church for the fraud behind her beatification. Read Christophet Hitchens’ brilliant book ‘The Missionary Position’ for more on this distasteful person.

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