3 09 2010

A bad day at the gym.

So good and so bad

3 09 2010

Paula Deen makes a lasagna sandwich!!

Are all female conservatives idiots??

2 09 2010

First Sarah Palin, now this. Jan Brewer, Governor of Arizona.

That’s Gay

2 09 2010

My favorite thing on TV combined with my bf’s.

Queen from Ru Paul’s Drag Race and American Football.

This is where salmonella comes from

2 09 2010

Nasty and very graphic egg farm

Lips you love

31 08 2010

Is this for real?? Using a penis pump on you lips!!

Sweet moms

31 08 2010

(1) Ranay Collins, 49, was arrested in Las Vegas in June and charged with beating her 16-year-old daughter with a cane. The arresting officer quoted Collins’ explanation: “That (expletive) owes me $50 for rent.”

(2) Police arrested Christina Muniz, 29, in Surprise, Arizona, in June, after being summoned to the home by Muniz’s son, 11. Muniz had just informed the boy and his brother, 6, that she was abandoning them to move to California with her boyfriend to fulfill her dream of becoming a stripper. With police watching, the older boy approached Muniz for a hug, but Muniz slugged him in the stomach.”

Great Animation

31 08 2010

NOM’s(anti-gay marriage) Maggie Gallagher attempts to go to heaven.

Gay Marriage

29 08 2010


Dick Cheney
Ted Olson
Laura Bush and Cindy McCain
Glenn Beck
Ken Mehlman
Arnold Schwarzenegger


Barack Obama

Funny beer bellies

24 08 2010