Gay news, Gay Rights ranking Europe, Zimbabwe arrests, John McCain and the gays

26 05 2010

The International Gay and Lesbian Association has released its Rainbow Europe County Index on how legislation affects LGBT people. Sweden is number 1 followed by Belgium, the Netherlands, Norway and Spain. Those 4 have anti-discrimination laws not enshrined in the constitution, like Sweden(but they do mostly use it) From the EU, Cyprus, Latvia and Poland not good and finished last. From non EU countries Turkey, Russia and Ukraine did bad.

Two members of a Zimbabwe Gay organization have been arrested. At first the government and police said it was because of drugs and porn but yesterday it was made clear they got a letter from former SF mayor Brown that was critical about that monster of a President Mugabe. Mugabe described gays as less than pigs and dogs. The 2 men are still in jail, hopefully unharmed…

Senator John McCain is anti gay marriage, opposes gay adoption, against gays in the military and against ENDA(discrimination against gays in workplace). On the other hand his wife has been a vocal supporter of gay marriage, his daughter is super pro-gay and now he hired a gay man, Mark Buse to run his campaign for re-election of Senator from Arizona. He should listen to his inner circle more.

NY Pride will be shorter than ever in a cost-cutting measure by the NYPD. It will go from 36/5th instead of 52/5th but still ends in Christopher Street. Apparently the same thing will happen to all parades in NY. I think it is totally fine, more crowd on a denser area and less to walk for the marcher in the (maybe) heat.

Gay news, Lesbian killed by dad-in-law/girls try to kill lesbian schoolmate, marriage equality around the globe, celebrity coming out on May 5

27 04 2010

A father in Lakeland, Florida allegedly killed the girlfriend of his daughter and was arrested. Friends of the victim say he was unhappy that the girl “pulled his daughter into the lesbian lifestyle and on the wrong path.” This comes days after 3 teens kidnapped and tried to kill a lesbian schoolmate by throwing her off a cliff, on the Day of Silence(to promote against intolerance at schools) nonetheless. You hear more about gay men being killed/abused normally but now it seems to hit women pretty hard as well.

While the proposed marriage equality in Portugal will be vetoed by the president on the day the Pope visits Portugal there is still hope the parliament can overrule this veto with a third voting round. In Finland meanwhile the parliament will consider marriage equality and adoption no matter what the outcome of the upcoming election will be. Good news!

A celebrity will come out of the closet on May 5. PR powerhouse Howard Bragman will orchestrate it and the star will have an interview with Larry King that day. I think it is either Johnny Weir or Queen Latifah.

(gay) news, Polish anti-gay Prime Minister dies, Huckabee still an ass, gay marriage close in Portugal

11 04 2010

A true tragedy happened yesterday in Russia where a polish airplane crashed that had almost the whole polish political elite on board. Because of fog the already old airplane could not land and did anyway and hit some trees before crashing. One of the people on board was Prime Minister Lech Kaczinsky a notorious homophobe. He was the most anti-gay leader of a european country. He banned gay prides and said same-sex marriage would destruct society. Hopefully a more progressive leader will succeed him, because I have polish family that I really like and both times I have been in Poland I had a good time so wish nothing but the best for the polish people.

Fox host and former presidential candidate Mike Huckabee showed he is still a bigoted douchebag. He said gays in the military would be nothing more than a “social experiment,” gay marriage and even civil unions are not necessary comparing it to drug use and polygamy. Gays should also not be able to adopt because kids are not puppies(!!!) and parenting is very serious and not for gays. The puppy comment is interesting even more so when knowing his son hung a stray dog.

Gay marriage is only 1 signature away in Portugal.The nation’s legislature recently passed a marriage equality bill that now has been approved by Portugal’s Constitutional Court. It now only needs the signature of the President to become law. President Silva opposes gay marriage but his veto will likely be overridden. Good for Portugal, one down, a lot to go.

Gossip; Betty White’s black humor, Anderson Cooper adopting baby?, no Alex & Simon on housewives, model offers to give cop blow job

5 02 2010

I love an old chick with very dark humor, like Joan Rivers or Betty White. Betty sent the other  remaining Golden Girl, Rue McClanahan who suffered a stroke a very nice gift. Flowers with a card reading: ” I hope you die, so I will be the last Golden Girl” Rue apparently loved it and it lifted her spirits.

The Enquirer had an article about Anderson adopting a baby from Haiti with his new boyfriend after visiting the area right after the disaster. Anderson tweeted Andy Towle who has his own blog that there was no truth to the story. I know for a fact both men know each other because they both go to the same gym as me, David Barton in New York.

The Real Housewives of NYC are gonna miss their most annoying couple. Alex & Simon. Apparently Simon thought he was a housewife himself and wanted more money, but because viewers dislike them, Bravo just canned their asses. I kinda liked to watch them because they were so ridiculous.

A famous male model, 21-year old Nick Snider, one of the highest earning models of the previous years was arrested for drunk behavior in Arkansas and to get out of his arrest he offered to give the cop a blow-job. Later on he tried to do the same with a different officer. Unfortunately for him they were not up for it. What a buffoon.

Gay news; Elton no dad, Islamic militias use internet to kill gays, Jamaican government delusional

15 09 2009

Elton John will not be able to adopt baby Lev from the Ukraine. The country’s minister for  Family, Youth and Sports said that. Adoptive parents need to be married and gay marriage does not count in the Ukraine. Single people cannot adopt children from the Ukraine either. And Elton is too old as well, the age difference between parents and baby can only be 45 years. They do like Elton John’s charity work over there though but basically prefer kids to sit in an orphanage, then having the change of a happy childhood with an old queen

Islamic militias in Iraq use internet chat room for gays to target and locate their victims. According to them animals deserve more pity then gays and they torture them before the killing. A mother found her son with cut off genitals and an anus filled with glue. This apparently is not rare either but happens quite often. Just terrible.

Even though the murdered British Honorary Consul John Terry had a letter on his body saying he was a “batty man” and “this will happen to all gays”, something I wrote about this weekend, the Jamaican government says it was not a hate crime. According to them gay people can live open and free in Jamaica. Whatever!!! Gay people are getting beat up in that country all the time and sex between two men is still punishable for up to ten year over there. Jamaica is one of those countries that is easy to get to from New York, but some place I will never ever visit.

gay news; gay bashers gets 75y, Buju Banton cancelled and Hurrah for Uruquay

30 08 2009

A man who kicked and stomped gay musician Jimmy Lee Dean back in 2008 in Dallas was sentenced to 75 years in prison. Dean was left unconscious, disfigured and mentally forever changed. On the Internet on several websites you can see pictures of the victim and the whole thing is just horrible, it made me cry. The attacker, Bobby Singleton,  got 15 years more than the original request by prosecutors and he deserves every minute of it. Hope this will be a lesson for gay bashers.

Uruquay will become the first South American country to legalize gay adoption. This came despite opposition from the influential Roman Catholic Church and some political parties. Last year they got civil unions there. Clearly steps ahead from other counties in that region!!

Anti -gay singer Buju Banton was supposed to have multiple concerts in the U.S. in October.After complaints from human rights groups, Live Nation and AEG have cancelled on him. In one of his songs, “Boom Bye Bye” the Jamaican singer calls for the torture and murder of gay men. It already seemed strange to me that Live Nation, the concert promoter of Madonna, would go along with this man’s hate speech.

A Washington State commission has decided that the names of people who donated to the anti-gay marriage Referendum 71 should be made public. The anti-gay group Protect Marriage did not want this to happen because they are afraid for repercussions. Well if you wanna be a bigot, you have to stand up and take the consequences. I for one would not spent my money at a store or restaurant that does not see me as equal.

Madonna able to adopt Mercy

16 06 2009

After first being denied the adoption, the Malawian Court this time told her she was allowed to adopt her second child from the African country. She already adopted a son, David, in 2006. The first time they rejected her because she did not spent enough time in the country, but they decided now that law was outdated.

A lot of people critique her for “buying” kids. I think it;s ridiculous, the kids must be off 10 times better at Madonna then at an African orphanage. And the parents from the kids now wanting them back, makes me think why the hell they let them go in the first place. Does anyone believe little Mercy would have been happy in Africa in 30 years, maybe even starving, knowing she could have been adopted by Madonna. I don;t think so.

Adoption out of US still option for dutch gays and singles

15 06 2009

Gay couples can only adopt kids from the US and that through only one way. By making contact with organisations in the US they can start their procedure, after that authorities judge the applications. The woman wanting to give up their children could themselves choose who their babies would go to after seeing a photo album/book made by the future parents. Which in my opinion is a better way then for the women to have no say in it whatsoever.

The problem was that this method is only for countries that had not signed the Hague Adoption Agreement. The Us did this recently and would transfer to the system of full-time interference, meaning the procedure is from the start in the hands of the authorities and through those construction gays can;t adopt. Our minister made a small change that was still juridical valid and fair and kept the option open for loving gays and singles to still adopt from the US.