Madonna able to adopt Mercy

16 06 2009

After first being denied the adoption, the Malawian Court this time told her she was allowed to adopt her second child from the African country. She already adopted a son, David, in 2006. The first time they rejected her because she did not spent enough time in the country, but they decided now that law was outdated.

A lot of people critique her for “buying” kids. I think it;s ridiculous, the kids must be off 10 times better at Madonna then at an African orphanage. And the parents from the kids now wanting them back, makes me think why the hell they let them go in the first place. Does anyone believe little Mercy would have been happy in Africa in 30 years, maybe even starving, knowing she could have been adopted by Madonna. I don;t think so.

Adoption out of US still option for dutch gays and singles

15 06 2009

Gay couples can only adopt kids from the US and that through only one way. By making contact with organisations in the US they can start their procedure, after that authorities judge the applications. The woman wanting to give up their children could themselves choose who their babies would go to after seeing a photo album/book made by the future parents. Which in my opinion is a better way then for the women to have no say in it whatsoever.

The problem was that this method is only for countries that had not signed the Hague Adoption Agreement. The Us did this recently and would transfer to the system of full-time interference, meaning the procedure is from the start in the hands of the authorities and through those construction gays can;t adopt. Our minister made a small change that was still juridical valid and fair and kept the option open for loving gays and singles to still adopt from the US.