Gay news; drag queen sings anthem, gay WW2 hero gets apology, pro-gay religious billboards

11 09 2009

For the first time in history a drag- queen will be singing the national anthem at a baseball match. The lucky ‘gal’ is Donna Sachet and of course this will happen in San Francisco at a game of the SF Giants. This will all go down September 29.

After thousand of people sound a petition calling for an apology from the British Government for the death of mathematician Alan Turing, Gordon Brown did just that yesterday. Turing was the father of modern computing and devised the Turing Bombe, a code breaking device to decipher Nazi enigma codes. He was also gay though and was eventually convicted for gross indecency and had to undergo hormone treatment. He killed himself with a cyanide-laced apple. He was a real war hero and it’s so sad that because of who he was he was treated to ridicule.

Some pro-gay religious billboards have caused quite an uproar with the Dallas/Forth Worth community. Along interstate I30 messages like ” Ruth Loved Naomi as Adam loved Eve”, ” The early church welcomed a gay man” and Jesus affirmed a gay couple” are there to be seen for all. I think it’s a good thing because I believe that if there is a God and Jesus they would love gay people as they do straight people, of course some others are disgusted by the billboards.