Gay news, bigot Arizona mayor, gays still banned from donating blood ,shelter in NY vandalized, Iceland gay marriage

12 06 2010

A Yuma, Arizona mayor does not want a repeal of DADT because lacy-drawered, limp-wristed gays can never do what military people have done in the last. He says Lincoln and Washington would have said the same things. Yeah,the world has not changed in over 100 years.

Against science and odds gays are still not allowed to donate blood. After 2 days of hearings a HHS committee voted 9-6 against recommending lifting the FDA ban on gays donating blood. Anyone that has had gay sex since 1977 is not allowed to donate. Retarded.

A shelter in Queens, New York for homeless LBGT Youth was hit with anti-gay vandalism thursday night. One of the walls read “We don’t want gays here.” What a bunch of fucking cowards to do that to kids that are already so vulnerable and often abused. The Ali Forney is such a great initiative because so many LGBT youth have no home after parents disown then and throw them out. Donations are always needed.

Iceland’s parliament voted 49-0!!!  to legalize gay marriage. Wish the U.S would only have 60% of that. Iceland is also the country with the first elected openly gay head of state and a country I would love to visit for its natural beauty. With their economy in the shitter they know that there are way more important things then to keep people from being equal in love.

Gay news; Larry Johnson, same-sex marriage in Argentina?? Bea Arthur a class-act even after death

30 10 2009

Larry Johnson feels himself man enough to call other people fags but manning up to his 2-week suspension(only 1 week is a real game) he can’t. He is gonna appeal is suspension because he does not think it’s fair. I think it is, mostly because it is a good example being set that even in the NFL talk like that is unacceptable. Johnson’ father is disappointed in his son because of the way blacks in his childhood were being discriminated against. At least one person in that family that gets it. Johnson’s lawyer and agent says he did not even know faggot was an offensive word. Whatever!!

Argentina might become the first latin-american country to legalize gay marriage. In congress there is more and more support to change to laws defining marriage as a union between man and woman. Of course religious groups are already rallying against it but hopefully equality will prevail in Argentina as well. The future dutch queen is from Argentina so dutch queens care about this even more.

Bea Arthur showed what a great spirit she had when it was announced by her estate that she was donating $300.000,00 dollar to the Ali Forney Center in New York. The shelter offers emergency shelter and transitional housing and operates 2 drop-inn centers offering food, clothing, hiv-testing and mental health treatment for LGBT youth. What a great cause!

GLBT News; Staten Island gay bar, homophobia in basketball

20 08 2009

Staten Island will get it’s first gay nightclub in over a decade. Q-SINY’s owners say they started the club after many local LGBT people complained there was nothing for them to do on Staten Island. It is strange that for the half a million people living in Staten Island there was not a place to dance and party for gays. Probably they previously all went to Manhattan with the ferry.

The Ali Forney center, a homeless shelter for LGBT youth will name one of its residences for the fabulous late Bea Arthur(Golden Girls). Bea Arthur was very involved in many youth centers in the U.S but especially those for gay kids. She flew from LA to New York in 2005 to give a one-woman show raising $40.000. She truly was a legend in more was a legend in more ways then one

Just yesterday I wrote about how nice it would be if men from the big sports in the U.S would be as gay-friendly as they are  in Australia or Europe and what happened?? Washington Wizards center Brandon Haywood has reignited a conversation about homophobia in basketball yet again. He made fun of another player’s YouTube clip insinuating the player might be gay or bi and nobody in the basketball world would wanna change in the dressing room next to that guy. Later on he wanted to make clear he was no Tim Hardaway(player who used some really anti-gay speech last year) but clearly he is about the same. Why do these African American players keep being so homophobic. Can you imagine the outrage if a white player would say he was uncomfortable being in the same locker room with a black guy?