That’s Gay

2 09 2010

My favorite thing on TV combined with my bf’s.

Queen from Ru Paul’s Drag Race and American Football.

Gay news, Anita bitch back, gay basher in NY gets nothing, Today Show and the gays, Broadway Bares

10 07 2010

The original Carrie Prejean, anti-gay beauty queen Anita Bryant will be back in the public eye. She will be in Yukon, Oklakoma for a patriotic performance. It is basically for a group against muslims and gays(cause they are similar?!) It will also coincide with the local Tea Party. Prejean ,who of course is not nearly as bad as Bryant was, got married last weekend to pro football player San Diego quarterback Kyle Boller. She did it in style, at the hotel of anti-gay Doug Manchester.

Driton Nicaj assaulted 3 gay man in 2009 and only got 45 days, less than Lindsay Lohan. Two men required stitches and one men even a metal plate in his skull while he used anti-gay slurs. Apparently the judges think this is not severe. Unbelievable. And why is it so often in civilized places like the Netherlands and New York a non local sounding name?? Those people should go back to their own countries if they cannot be civil in ours.

The Today Show got a lot of slack from pro-gay people by not letting gay couples enter their ” Modern Wedding Contest”. They eventually agreed it was not fair and opened the contest for gays as well. Now of course the right-wing bigots are all up in arms. The American Family Association for instance wants people to boycott the Today show from now on for promoting this “sinful behavior.” Poor Today Show, can’t do it right for everyone. But they did the right thing in my eyes.

Broadway Bares is a yearly show from Broadway Cares in which stars of the theatre strip and dance for HIV/AIDS. They raised an amazing 1 million dollars this year. I have never been but after seeing this footage, count me in for next year!!

Gay news; Lawmakers thinks gays in military will cause more terror, Pride-house opened in Vancouver, new gay mega club coming to NYC

12 02 2010

Missourri State Senator Gary Nodler, candidate for Congress thinks the repeal od DADT would inspire acts of terrorism because muslims are offended by homosexuality. He thinks it would put the soldiers and America in general at further risk. What a buffoon. Like the terrorist does not wanna harm american soldiers anyway, them being gay makes not a slight bit of difference. Like they love the christian and jewish soldiers!!

The Olympic Pride House, a place to meet, get info and resources and welcome center for the GLBT community during the Winter Olympics was opened yesterday. It is kinda cool gay athletes have a place to go but I think most people just wanna stay with their team mates wether gay or straight then go to a gay house but I might be wrong. The Netherlands has 2 openly lesbian speed skaters, Ireen Wust and Renate Groeneworld, both multiple olympic medal winners and world champions. In the Netherlands skeed skating is as popular as American Football in the U.S and the girls make a lot of money with sponsors but nobody batted an eyelid when they came out. Not a big deal in Holland as it should be.

At West 42nd Street between 10/11 Ave. plans are for The Out NYC, a hospitality and entertainment club geared to the LGBT community. 80.000 square feet of fun. It will have a hotel with 123 guest rooms, a huge dance club, gym, spa and restaurant. It will be the first new gay dance club in 5 years in NYC for the gay community and will cost $ 20 million. Fairly risky in this economy but investing in gays is always a fairly safe bet. That is where the money for extras often is.

Gay sports news, Johnny Weir and Tim Tebow

19 01 2010

Johnny Weir, the super flamboyant gay figure skater from the U.S qualified this weekend in Spokane for the Olympics by ending third in the trials. With his love for Lady Gaga, extremely girly outfits and just by being himself he is a true crowd favorite. Some critics say he is too feminine for the sport but come on this is figure skating, not American football. He has his own reality show on the Sundance channel that started yesterday.

Tim Tebow, the University of Florida quarterback who is known for Bible verses painted under his eyes, has shot a commercial for the anti-gay Christian Group Focus on the Family set to air during the Super Bowl together with his mom.  The commercial is likely not anti-gay but anti-abortion. Focus on the Family has spent $727 thousand to ban same-sex marriage and have been outspoken against many gay issues. The guy is hot but unfortunately a bigot.

Gay news, Muslims refuse to play against gays, drag queens beat up thugs

8 10 2009

A football team in Paris consisting of gays and some heterosexuals of all different races and religions was refused by a team mainly made-up by Muslims, called Bebel, for a friendly match. According to the Muslims it was against their principles to play against gays. WTF. What does playing soccer against gays have to do with principles?? Everybody has to accept Muslims, but they can’t accept others.

Some thugs in Swansea, Wales wanted to pick a fight with some drag queens, but they picked the wrong ones. The drag queens were actually cage-fighters on the town for a stag night and punched the thugs a few times in the face before teetering off on their high-heels only to stop to gather the purse they dropped during the fight. Hilarious!!

American Footballer Scott Fujita, a New Orleans Saints linebacker, has talked during an interview on how he supports the National Equality March and equal rights for gays in a great articulate manner. I think it’s great American Footballers also finally start to speak up for gays. I think that is very important for the way some people view gays. These men are really role-models for Middle America.

Sports news Bites; tennis, Michael Vick and Michael Phelps

14 08 2009

Serena Williams joked about Kim Clijsters’ comeback that she herself looked more like she had a baby then Kim. Pretty funny and pretty much true as well. Meanwhile Kim has beaten Kuznetsova and is in the quarterfinals of the Cincinnati tournaments and both Williams-sisters are out losing to Bammer and Pennetta.

Dog abuser Michael Vick has signed a one-year contract with American Football team the Philadelphia Eagles for a year, just after being released from prison. Surprised that anyone would hire a cruel guy like that for a family friendly sports team. I would not wanna play in a team with a guy like that.

And Michael Phelps made sure to keep the tradition of being in trouble after winning medals at Olympics or World championships alive. He was involved in a three-car accident in Baltimore. Apparently it was Michael’s fault.