Chasing the devil out

6 11 2009

Parents of an 18-year old Moroccan girl from Antwerp, Belgium, who tried to chase the devil out of her were arrested this week. The girl who came out as a lesbian was possessed by demons according to her parents. During an Islamic cleaning ritual they poured extremely hot water over the girl who later died as a burn victim. Super super sad, hope the parents rot in jail the rest of their lives.

Amsterdam wants 2017 Gay Games

23 10 2009

So after announcing they want the real Olympics in 2028 Amsterdam wants to show the world what they are made of by hosting the Gay Games. I think they are better at/and have a better shot at the Gay Games. The government has already showed their support as well and readers from my blog know that the Games in 1998 where a great week for me personally with all the parties and great atmosphere. A lot of police was ready then for trouble but they all had some extra vacation because there was not a single incident. Not sure if that part would repeat nowadays but I surely hope so. The Games go to Antwerp in 2013 so that might make Amsterdam’s chances a bit smaller. We will see!