Homosexuality and twins

14 07 2010

This clip reminded me so much of me and my twin- brother when we were kids. He as Zorro and me as a nurse. He with army toys and I was playing with My Little Pony. I wanted to be a girl like the kid in the clip for years but from 11/12 years on not anymore and never since.

3 clips of hate against gays, American Evangelicals, Polish priest and Hitler bullshit

27 05 2010

Current TV has made a documentary about American Evangelical leaders going to african countries to stir up hate against gays. One of the reason for the “Kill the Gays-bill” in Uganda.Repulsive.

A polish priest in Krakow has some very harsh words for gays and homosexuality. He hopes they are burned at the stake, like in the good ‘ole days. How priest-like…

American Family ASSociation’s Bryan Fisher says Hitler’s army was full of masculine gay soldiers because only gays could be so savage and vicious to follow his orders. How rude and repulsive to the families of all the gay holocaust victims who certainly were not all effeminate. People like this make me want to be savage and brutal. That is right, don’t fuck with us gays because we have no limits except if it messes up our hair and nails….. . Normally all gays have to be butch and not femmy, now all of a sudden a butch gay is a savage.. Pretty sick fuck that Fisher.

Army guys in Afghanistan doing Lady Gaga and Beyonce’s telephone. DADT what??

30 04 2010

not as funny as the Ke$ha one, but still ok.

Gay news, Ricky Martin comes out, ex- general Sheehan apologizes to Dutch, 50% of U.S ok with gay president

30 03 2010

What a surprise, Ricky Martin officially came out of the closet yesterday!! He said he did not come out earlier because people close to him warned him everything he built up would be ruined and people would not accept. Now he is not afraid anymore while writing his memoirs and wants to come clear. He says he is a proud and fortunate gay man and is very blessed to be who he is. Good for him!

Ex-general John Sheehan has apologized to former dutch chief of staff Van den Breemen for his lies about gays causing the fall of Srebrenica and that Van den Breemen agreed with him back then. He know says his memories of 15 years ago were not accurate and Van den Breemen was satisfied with the apology.

In a poll by Vanity fair and 60 minutes 50% of americans would support a gay president and 44% oppose it. Supreme Court justice is 55-40 and Secretary of State about the same. A gay quarterback in the Super Bowl is supported by 62%. It is getting better in the U.S but these numbers should all be much higher of course.

Gay news; homophobic attack in Amsterdam on straight man, Anne Frank diary deemed to filthy for school, Obama keeps disappointing

30 01 2010

A straight older man in Amsterdam who works above the store Gays&Gadgets was standing in font of the store holding a bag from the gay store when 2 younger guys(look Moroccan) started shouting abusive things to the guy and when he walks after them to confront them one of the guys kicks the older guy who kicks back, falls on the floor and the Moroccan guy starts kicking him some more. This was all on camera and that is another sign only cameras at gay hotspots does not help. More police and heavier sentences for the homophobes are the only things that might help.

A revised version of the Diary of Anne Frank called “The Definite Edition” has been pulled by a school system in Virginia. The book that was published on the 50th anniversary of her death in a concentration camp and had according to a parent it had sexually explicit material and homosexual undertones referencing to a passage where Anne has a crush on another girl. Such an important book, one of the most important in the world ever and people complain that their teens read something about a girl-girl crush. Ridiculous.

Obama keeps disappointing the gays by only making promises and not doing anything real. He has promised once more in his State of the Union that Don’t Ask, don’t tell will be repealed, but he did this already before and still nothing has happened on this issue. And during a Town Hall meeting when he was asked about the issue of gay marriage the only thing he came up with was the old and boring gays should be able to go to the hospital when their partner is dying. Dodging the question because he is against it and does not want to upset the gays even more. Especially as a black man he should be in favor of equality.

Gay news

29 07 2009

In 15 cities in the U.S. the 15th of august will be kiss-in day. It’s for gay people to be able to express their affection. A great idea, if I am in New York that day I will kiss my sweetie as well outside!!

No “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” in Britain where a decorated Iraq veteran who happens to be gay was on the front page of the official British soldier magazine. Soldier James Wharton is the first openly gay man ever to feature on the front of that magazine. Just 10 years ago it was still illegal to be gay in the British Army but they have come a long way since.

Gay cops Steven Ponder and Ivan Sigston became the first couple in the UK to get a child through a related surrogate. The sister of 28- year old Ponder( a mother of three) volunteered to have their baby when they showed the desire to start a family. Sigston donated the sperm but both he and Ponder have to legally adopt little William Cameron Ponder-Sigston. 

Governor Schwarzenegger has dramatically slashed down the aids funding in California. The cuts include : an 80% reduction in funding for Education & Prevention, a 70% cut in HIV Counseling and Testing, a 50% cut for Early Intervention (that provides primary medical care), a 100% cut in Therapeutic Monitoring Program (the program that monitors the effectiveness of HIV/AIDS drugs administered through the state’s AIDS Drug Assistance Program), a 20% cut in Housing and more than a 50% cut in funding for Home and Community-Based Care. A very sad day for people with hiv/aids in California and people caring for them.

Murder gay sailor might have been caused by fear of outing

19 07 2009

Sailor August Provost was murdered at Camp Pendleton last month and even though the navy denied they have any reason to believe this had anything to do with him being gay, Provost’s family paints another picture. They think another soldier that was scared of being outed by Provost has shot him and lit a fire to destroy the evidence.According to his family he had a heated argument with the suspect a week before his killing and he had been harassed about his sexuality in the months prior to his death. Many LGBT activist say this is in indirect cause of” Don’t ask, Don’t tell”and I think they might be right here. Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee has already called for a Congressional Inquiry in the murder. Hope the truth will prevail here.