Real-life UP or balloon boy

30 05 2010

American Jonathan Trapp became the fist person to cross the English Channel in a cluster of helium-filled balloons. It took him 3 hours to land in France in his wicker chair after take off in Kent, England . Pretty cool.

Kathy Griffin fired from CNN

6 01 2010

According to multiple sources Kathy will not be asked back to host the New Year’s Eve show with Anderson Cooper on CNN and might not ever be asked back there period. Kathy said Falcon, Falcon, Fuckon instead of just Falcon when talking about the Balloon Boy and apparently that was too much for some. I think she said that name so many time to make Anderson Cooper blush, because Falcon is a big gay porn company and we kinda know what mister Cooper is into. Maybe her saying she needed a bump of cocaine and asking Anderson if he pleasures himself while looking in the mirror had to do with the banning of CNN as well. But seriously, can’t people take a joke anymore at a cable network?? WTF

Gay news; Transgender Virgin Mary; balloon family homophobes, From church to nightclub to mall

19 10 2009

In Spain there is some controversy about an AIDS awareness campaign where a transgender woman/activist named Carla Antonelli is playing the Virgin Mary. I think this is unnecessary and reminds me of the gay nativity in Amsterdam during X-mas last year. A drag queen Maria, a leather Joseph etc. It’s just really disrespectful to religious people and only gathers bad publicity for the gay community. Some things should be left sacred. I sound a lot more holy then normal now, but I am serious about this.

Not only are “balloon boy”s parents irresponsible liars, they are also homophobes. There is a clip on youtube where the young sons sing about the “pussification” of American men and boast that they hate faggots and kill ’em with a bat and throwing rocks at them. Wow, that is really speech you should learn your kids. I think Child Services should pay a long visit to this family.

NYC’s Limelight Nightclub that brought us the “club kids” , death drug dealers, the movie “Party Monster”, but mostly great parties and fantastic music originally was a church before it became THE Club I never went, but would have loved to have gone. A little before my time. Now it is being turned into an upscale mini-mall. It’s gonna be a “high-brow” indoor bazaar with over 60 retail spaces. They already call it Disney World meets Manhattan. Because of its unique background and 19th century stained glass windows depicting Jesus and the Saints it’s a pricy place to have your store!! I used to live really close to the place a few years back and will definitely go back now to do some shopping there in March when it opens.