Gossip, Ke$ha, Johnny Weir, Perez Hilton, Jackass a jackass??

17 06 2010

Ke$ha says that after taken her dogs out to poop she sometimes keep the full plastic bags to wrap them up for people as presents. Maybe she visited my sister-in-law who found a turd in the dressing room at the store she works.

Johnny Weir might follow in the footsteps of his arch-nemesis Evan Lysacek and will be on the next series of Dancing with the Stars. He already has a partner. Karina Smirnoff is a big fan and wants to dance with him. You will be sure he will bring the sparkle in his outfits.

Perez Hilton is in some trouble. He posted a pic on his twitter from Miley Cyus getting out of her car implying she did not have underwear on. After Miley was pissed and people said this could be considered child pornography, Perez quickly removed the pic. He now says she was wearing underwear to downplay the controversy and all the new Miley posts on his website have been super sweet. Not a smart move by him but this is hardly pornography.

Jackass star Bam Margera was beaten with a baseball bat by a crazy woman outside of his bar in West Chester, PA. The woman, his neighbor was arrested and Bam had to go to the hospital. Apparently she constantly calls the police, threatened Bam and his wife before. She calls him a jackass and uses the oldest trick in the book. The race-card. Hope the woman serves some time in jail


21 07 2009

Bam Margera from Jackass was rushed to the hospital yesterday following a possible overdose. According to his mother he was just severely dehydrated. Yeah, right.

Former tennis star Pam Shriver is being sued for spousal support by her former husband, James bond, George Lazenby. They signed a prenup but he says Pam has way more money then him and wants his share. Last year Pam put out a restraining order against him after he threatened to kill her. It already seemed to good to be true, a former babe magnet and James Bond marrying a woman who was once famously removed out of a female toilet for looking to masculine.

Carry Prejean is gonna write a tell-all book named “Still Standing”. It’s about the lefts double standard on free speech and the bias against conservatives. I did not know she could write!! Probably will only write the “thank you note” in the back of the book herself.

And Pittsburgh Steeler’s Ben Roethlisberger is being accused of sexual assault by an employee of Harrah’s hotel in Reno. He asked her to come to his room and then forced her to have sex with him. What did she think was gonna happen in the room?? I always highly doubt the motives of such women. She probably wanted it herself and now hopes to make a quick buck. Update, I saw pictures of the woman and she looks like a horse!!