Gay news,gay hospital rights, top 5 influential gays, Melissa Etheridge split

16 04 2010

President Obama has ordered hospitals to grant gay couples visitation rights in the hospital and medical power of attorney. Finally something very significant that he does and very important. Bravo. It was ridiculous of course that parts of same-sex couples in certain places in the U.S. were sometimes denied but luckily that is all in the past now. Medical power of attorney could also be done with a will of course, like me and me bf have arranged.

Out magazine have made their yearly list of most powerful/influential gays public. 5 Adam Lambert, 4 Rachel Maddow, 3 Anderson Cooper(who is not even out), 2 Barney Frank and numero uno of course Ellen!!

Melissa Etheridge and longtime partner Tammy Lynn Michaels have split up after exchanging vows in 2003. They have son and a daughter together. Tammy seemed a bit bitchy and weird in interviews so maybe Melissa needed something else, who knows. Gay couples are just like straights, love and marriage sometimes followed by divorce.

Gay news, Gay tv-characters who never came out, National Equality March, House votes in favor of hate crimes bill

10 10 2009

The website has a list of gay tv characters that never came out of the closet but should have. A lot of them are old sitcom stars like Alice Nelson from the ‘Brady Bunch’ and Reuben Kincaid from ´the Partridge Family´. All before my time but some others are more from my time, like Balky Bartomkous from ´Perfect Strangers´with his lederhosen and bolo tie, `Xena the Warrior Princess`, Smithers from `the Simpsons`. Then there is Muscle Mary  `He- man` on number 2 with his cat,  tan, lavender outfit and questionable haircut. And the ultimate gay couple on number 1, Bert and Ernie.

This weekend the National Equality March will be held in Washington DC. Thousands will gather there to send a message to Washington that gay citizens are full citizens that want equal rights in all 52 states. Just local government is not enough because for things like immigration and national full benefits there need to be national equal rights. The fabulous Lady Gaga will be marching as well and the weekend has been endorsed by many big gay organisations. One person not in favor of it is Barney Frank, he thinks we should not put more pressure on Obama and nobody in Congress cares about the the Equality March. Well I personally don´t care that much about Barney Frank either. While I thought that he was an intelligent man with some good views in the past, now he is nothing more to me then Obama´s little handpuppet.

The House of Representatives has voted 281-146 to include sexual orientation in the hate crimes bill, also knows as the Matthew Shephard Act, after a gay college student that was brutally murdered in Wyoming back in 1998. Next week the Senate will vote on it and then only Obama´s signature is needed to make it a law. Long overdue but good news nonetheless.

gay news; Rush Limbaugh, Barney Frank, sit-in, sexual assault

21 08 2009

Rush Limbaugh, conservative radio host and possible Republican candidate in 2012,  shows what a big baby he is on his show this week. During a town hall meeting this insane woman compared Obama with Adolf Hitler to which Barney Frank asks her on what planet she lives? Of course the only way Limbaugh can react is by making fun of Frank’s sexuality ,saying Barney Frank lives on Uranus. I am not a big Barney Frank fan, but this is just pathetic and childish.

A lesbian couple organized a sit-in Wednesday after expulsion from a Maryland diner. The women say they were just holding each other at the family restaurant  Tastee Diner in Silverspring, but the female owner says they were touching each other inappropriately and that it does not matter if you are gay or straight. I dunno about this one, sit-in’s are fine if there is really something bad going on. But if they were really touching each other inappropriately then I think the restaurant was right. Hope we will find out the truth about what really happened here.

Charles Perez the fired Miami newsman that I reported about earlier, has won a 2-year restraining order against his ex-boyfriend Dennis Ricardo Pena. Pena an unemployed paralegal has 30 days to appeal. According to Perez, Pena was the one that sent all the private emails between Perez and his shrink to everyone in Perez’s electronic address book and he also physically threatened him and sexually assaulted him. Pena looks and seems like a nasty man!!!