Gossip, straight celebrities&gay kisses, Celebrity Rehab, Chace Crawford

5 06 2010

Yesterday was apparently a good day for straight celebs to kiss with same-sex partners. For Miley Cyrus to do it at Britain’s Got Talents was not a huge surprise. But for Dustin Hoffman and Jason Bateman to do it while all the camera’s where on them at a Laker’s Game . Pretty damn cool.

Production on Celebrity Rehab with Dr Drew was halted because they could not get any real celebrities. Last year they had Dennis Rodman and Mackenzie Philipps as “stars” but this year so far it is Jason Wahler, Gummi Bear, the Empress of Lucite(Shauna Sand) and one of the Pointer Sisters. Who?? Yeah!! But the d-list stars are funnier anyway and less guarded, like Kari Ann Peniche last season. Love that show.

Chace Crawford, heart-throb that does nothing for me, and star of Gossip Girl was arrested yesterday for possession of marijuana somewhere in Texas. He got out with bail. When do they just make pot legal over there?? Nice mug shot though.

Poor Gay Coleman, seems like now that he is dead people care more about him than hen he was alive. His moron ex-wife and parents fight over his remains, his ex-wife cannot afford his funeral but makes all these TV appearances and the 911 call after his fall was released and it is pretty shocking. She says she cannot help him because she is sick and afraid of blood. And also cannot drive him to the hospital because she might get a seizure and cannot have stress. WTF. She must have really loved him!!!

Gossip, Chaz Bono, singers/condoms, gay celebs pick hottest guys, Sex&theCity

9 05 2010

This week a judge officially granted Chaz Bono’s(formerly Chastity, the daughter of Cher) petition to become a man. He has already undergone surgery to change his sex organs from female to male in september 2009. Congrats Chaz.

Rapper Ludacris is promoting Trojan’s Magnum condoms which are known for their large size. It is a quick way to make people know what you have down there. Other artists like Kid Rock, Little Wayne and Eminem have referenced to the plus-sized condoms in their music as well. I have a feeling with Eminem it is more wishful thinking.

For gay website AfterElton, a few gay celebrities picked who they think is the hottest man of 2010. Last year’s winner Neil Patrick Harris picked singer Nick Jonas, actors Ryan Reynolds and Ryan Philippe and rugby star David Williams. Former Basketball pro John Amaechi picked actor John Barrowman, Gael Garcia Bernal and Zachary Quinto and musical star and TV actor Cheyenne Jackson picked actors Aleksander Skarsgard, Leiv Schreiber and  designer Zac Posen. No one seems to have a specific type is my conclusion. Out of all I would pick Ryan Reynolds, John Barrowman and David Williams.

It is getting closer and closer to the opening of the new Sex and the City movie and some of the posters have made people laugh out loud because of the ridiculous Photoshop. Both Miranda and Charlotte look fairly normal, Carrie and mostly Samantha though look like dolls. And they want us to believe they are dolls to another in real life as well and the chemistry is still there. The rumors about them not getting along at all are not true according to the ladies. Yes, there is some tension here and there after 90-hour weeks but that is normal. Fight or no fights, I can’ wait for the movie.

GLBT News; Staten Island gay bar, homophobia in basketball

20 08 2009

Staten Island will get it’s first gay nightclub in over a decade. Q-SINY’s owners say they started the club after many local LGBT people complained there was nothing for them to do on Staten Island. It is strange that for the half a million people living in Staten Island there was not a place to dance and party for gays. Probably they previously all went to Manhattan with the ferry.

The Ali Forney center, a homeless shelter for LGBT youth will name one of its residences for the fabulous late Bea Arthur(Golden Girls). Bea Arthur was very involved in many youth centers in the U.S but especially those for gay kids. She flew from LA to New York in 2005 to give a one-woman show raising $40.000. She truly was a legend in more was a legend in more ways then one

Just yesterday I wrote about how nice it would be if men from the big sports in the U.S would be as gay-friendly as they are  in Australia or Europe and what happened?? Washington Wizards center Brandon Haywood has reignited a conversation about homophobia in basketball yet again. He made fun of another player’s YouTube clip insinuating the player might be gay or bi and nobody in the basketball world would wanna change in the dressing room next to that guy. Later on he wanted to make clear he was no Tim Hardaway(player who used some really anti-gay speech last year) but clearly he is about the same. Why do these African American players keep being so homophobic. Can you imagine the outrage if a white player would say he was uncomfortable being in the same locker room with a black guy?