Gay news, soccer for gays?? Ellen ruined Idol, U.N blocked gay rights, anti-gay violence in Amsterdam

5 06 2010 had an article on why America hates soccer. Reasons are the sport is too multi-cultural, not enough points are scored and it is too “gay”. This last part is because in the U.S the sport is mostly for girls, the fake diving to get a free ball is not manly and the screaming noises made by some players are emasculation. WTF?? I think soccer is not gay at all. There is not even an out top player. But some soccer players do come out in favor of gay men, like Beckham and Ronaldo recently. Maybe that is it??

According to the Christian Newswire Director American Idol was a bit of a flop this year because of good’ old gay Ellen. According to them you cannot make family oriented entertainment with gay people. Parents with good morals will not let their children watch gays. Ok that is why “Finding Nemo” with Ellen was a huge children’s hit. The show just sucked this year and apparently Ellen is not a great judge. But not because she is a lesbian.

The UN proved once more what a useless organization they are by having a Gay Human Rights Commission officially blocked from accreditation. The group was in limbo for years because conservative countries like Egypt, Qatar and Sudan blocked it because other gay groups criticised their anti-gay laws. Apparently the Middle-East and Africa is more important the U.S  and Europe.

Once again there was anti-gay violence against a gay man in Amsterdam last thursday. A man was spit on by 3 foreign(of course!!) teens and when he said something about it, he was called a dirty queer and got punched in the face. Anti-gay violence in Amsterdam got up with 23% in 2009. That is why Geert Wilders’ Party is popular by gays in the Netherlands.


23 07 2009

Katie Price(aka Jordan) and Victoria Beckham(aka Posh Spice) have both auditioned for a role in the new Sex and the City movie. I think they both fit perfectly in a movie like that. Fashion icon Patricia Field has already told media Carrie Bradshaw will not become a recessionista. Thank god!!

Rupert Everett needed some attention again and told the media that Michael Jackson looked like Shrek. That is funny coming from a once handsome man whose tight face now resembles the Madame puppet.

New pictures surfaced from Patrick Swayze looking a lot better then he did a few months ago. Hope he can beat out the cancer or at least have a few more years.

Not Janet or Arnold Klein will be raising Michael’s kids but his oldest sister Rebbie will, several news outlets have mentioned yesterday. She already lived with Michael’s mom now at her estate.

 Millionaire Matchmaker Patty Stanger might finally get married herself soon. After almost 6 years of being a couple her real estate hubby proposed to the 48 year old Patty. Happy for her, she seems like a great and smart lady. and I love that show of hers on Bravo.

And Kiefer Sutherland will not be prosecuted against in the head-butting incident by the Manhattan district attorney. He broke the nose of a friend of Brooke Shields, fashion designer Jack McCullough, after he bumped into her without apologizing. Lucky for the 24’s Jack Bauer. He has been in prison enough the last few years.