Army guys in Afghanistan doing Lady Gaga and Beyonce’s telephone. DADT what??

30 04 2010

not as funny as the Ke$ha one, but still ok.

Lady Gaga/Beyonce’s new clip is awesome

16 03 2010

I just love the last friday released video-clip of the song Telephone by Lady Gaga and Beyonce. The story is great, the decor fabulous as well as the outfits. The beginning of the clip where 2 lesbian guards undress Gaga in prison and one of them says: “I told you she does not have a dick,” is pretty damn funny. The clip is shot at the same location as multiple gay porn movies, something I read this morning.Of course Fox News thinks the clip should be banned because of some lesbian kissing. Idiots.

Gossip; Michael Jackson, Rihanna, K-Fat, Amy Winehouse, Oscars and MTV awards

6 11 2009

According to Michael Jackson’s dermatologist and friend Arnold Klein, the reason why kids could describe the way Michael penis looked was because he liked other people to see him urinate. He did it in a plastic cup in a full waiting room at the doctor and also apparently for children to see. What a freak.

Singer Rihanna gave her first interview after her beat-down and I think she did great. I totally believe what she said about first still being so full of love for Chris Brown that she went back and later realizing that she is a role-model for many girls and it would be selfish to think only about her own love. Don’t react off of love, eff love” is her message. 

Kevin Federline becomes a dad for the 5th time, with 3 different woman. What a class act huh. Well ,maybe by the time his new girlfriend is 9 months pregnant her belly is bigger then his!

Amy Winehouse is going for the full extreme makeover!!. First the fake tits, now also plumped lips and what looks like some plumping in the face. Well, whatever she is doing she looks a lot better than before, so keep on going.

The Oscar hosts this year will be Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin. Well, after last years Hugh Jackman and rumored hosts Stephen Colbert and Neil Patrick Harris ,this seems like a boring and in my eyes disappointing choice.

The big winner of the MTV European Music Awards was Beyonce winning 3 awards for best singer, best song “Halo” and best clip “Single Ladies.” Lady Gaga won for best newcomer. Not a surprise but very deserved nonetheless. Eminem winning for best male singer though????


Gossip; Kathy Griffin’s, Piven’s tits, Slade Smiley a loser, Obama likes Carry Bradshaw

4 11 2009

Kathy Griffin gets a new show on ABC called Let’s Dance. It’s a show where famous people re-enacting famous dance routines from movies or clips. Think Regis and Kelly doing Grease, Ryan Seacrest doing Beyonce and Lindsay Lohan doing Michael Jackson. It just aired in the Netherlands with a ton of big stars and it was a huge success all for charity. I like it much better then Dancing with the Stars. The success in the U.S. all depends on how big the stars are Kathy’s show will get.

First Jeremy Piven cancelled Broadway shows because he ate too much sushi and had mercury poisoning. Now he claims to have been drinking too much soya milk which has a lot of estrogen in it and that made him grow bitch tits. He sure had some saggy tits last time I saw him. I think he is just making these things up.

Slade Smiley from the Real Housewives, who according to himself was a millionaire and had the potential to make gazillions of dollars is being sued by his ex-wife for $80.000 in child support he did not pay for his sick 9-year old son Grayson( who he hasn’t  seen in 1.5 years). Slade says he is unemployed and has no money. What a douche, maybe his lover Gretchen can give him some of the money she got from her dead sugar daddy.

Obama has selected Sarah Jessica Parker, Edward Norton and Forest Whitaker for a committee to promote arts and science. It will try to connect to U.S to other countries in the world in cultural engagements. Michelle Obama is the head of the committee. Interesting choices and a good idea.


Gayest news of the month

3 10 2009

 Gay icon Liza Minelli will be performing Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” at the gay wedding of Stanford and Anthony(Mario Cantone) in the new ‘Sex and the City” movie. You can’t get it much gayer then that, people.

Gossip; idiot Kanye, pissed off Tyra, Serena incident no racism!

14 09 2009

Kanye West showed what a ridiculous egotistical asshole he is at yesterday’s VMA Awards. Taylor Swift won for best female video and in the middle of her speech he stormed on stage, grabbed her microphone and told the audience that Beyonce should have been the winner because she made the best video of all time leaving poor Taylor Swift  speechless. Beyonce looked mortified as well and later on when she won a prize asked Swift on the stage with her to finish her speech. Who does Kanye West think he is??

Tyra Banks always tells her models show to “smile with your eyes” but she herself also knows how to “kill with her eyes”. Cynthia McFadden from “Nightline” had an interview with Tyra and was beforehand asked to not mention ex America’s Next Top Model judges Paulina Porizkova and Janice Dickenson, who were not very nice about Tyra. Tyra’s publicist said not to go there but she did anyway and Tyra was pissed as hell. Cynthia asked if it was jealousy and Tyra snapped, “Is that what you think?? I did not say it, is that what you think?” Meowww.

Yesterday I already talked about the Serena Williams incident at the US open but since it seems to be everywhere and on everyone’s minds I will talk about it a little more. Serena tried to undo some of the damage by posting a blog entry talking about all the hard times she has had and the death of her sister years and years ago. That must have been a truly sad experience(I felt really bad for them at the time) but that has nothing to do with what happened Saturday. Claims from other people of racism in the tennis world because only the Williams sisters get foot-faults and people were rooting just as much or more for Belgian Kim then Americans Serena and Venus at her home tournament because they are black are also ludicrous. The umpires treat the girls just the same as everyone else and Serena and Venus lack mainstream love with the audience not because of their color but because of the way they act. They are not bubbly, sweet and happy like Kim. A the men’s side the most popular player at the US Open is James Blake and he is not white either. No, I think the real reason for Serena’s outburst  was trying to get Kim out of her concentration and zone. Serena got only furious a short  while after it happened and not right away. She never thought she would get a point penalty as she mentioned herself in press conferences and just tried to drag it out for her own sake. Everyone knows that Serena in most circumstances is mentally more tough then Kim and she just hoped this would totally get to Kim and I think it could have. Luckily the real winner won and Serena was lucky to only be left with a fine to pay after such poor sportsmanship.

Gay news; education leads to gay tolerance, Lil Mama, gay&Muslims

3 09 2009

In Florida a study that was done after the passing of the anti-gay marriage Amendment showed that education was 5 times as important then race in support of gay marriage. It found that each additional one percent increase in bachelor’s degrees in a county correlated with one percent increase in support of gay marriage. Meaning education leads to greater tolerance. Not a surprise here, most anti-gay people are just dumb idiots. And now that is even factual.

Rapper and judge of America’s Best Dance Crew on MTV, rapper Lil Mama has issued an apology for grilling a transgender dancer from the fabulous groups Vogue Evolution a bit too much. She told Leiomy ,who was acting like a real bitch/diva behind the scenes that her behavior was unacceptable and is she was gonna become a woman she should behave like a lady. Lil Mama said her comments were never meant to be disrespectful to the transgender community and I totally believe her. I mean I love Vogue Evolution(can’t wait every week to see on YouTube what they have come up with) but Lil Mama was right here in the first place. Some gay groups want an apology for everything. She even said in a previous episode that it takes a transgender woman to bring to femininity of Beyonce. 

At a conference on Islam held in Indonesia, moderate Muslim scholars issued a statement calling homosexuality normal  and created by God. They say there is no reason to reject gays homosexuals under Islam and that the condemnation of homosexuality by Muslims is based on narrow-minded interpretations of the Koran. A small step in the right direction but right away 2 conservative Islamic groups responded by condemning gays. Still a very long if impossible way to go there.