Gay news; Maine bigots use kids as excuse again, Mika bi, bullfighting to become gayer

24 09 2009

In Maine the battle on marriage equality is raging on heavily. And of course the bigots use lies again in their ads. In a new ad they say that the gay movement says gay marriage has nothing to do with school, but according to them it has everything to do with school. A worried mother and father said there 8-year old kid came home and told them he learned at school a man can marry a man. This is a lie firstly, but secondly is it so bad if a kid would learn that at school??. Will his world collapse, will he turn gay immediately?? Some of my nephews know about me being with my boyfriend since age 5 and they are absolutely fine with it. If a parent does not make a big deal out of it, neither do the kids.

Singer Mika talked to dutch magazine Gay&Night and told them he “never limits himself, so also not to whom he sleeps with”. So if someone wants to label him ” Call me bisexual”. But he still recommends being label-less. He picked a good day to do this, september 23 was ‘Celebrate Bi-sexuality day’. Someone commented on this: “Sure, girl, you are bi, me too!! He is just afraid to lose female fans.” I kind of agree with that comment. While I surely believe people can be bi-sexual, I highly doubt Mika is one of them. Still love his music though!

Spanish matador Joselito Ortega is about to gay up bullfighting, literally. He will be plugging a club-scene energy drink called Gay Up and will have these words embroidered in his cape in large letters. Top bullfighters are seen as macho celebrities in Spain so this is quite controversial. Ortega thinks it would be nice if he would be a symbol for the gay community.

Gay News; Prejean still thinks it’s all about her; homeless gay youth in NY, do you have gay hair?

19 09 2009

What is it with bigots using God’s name to say stupid things and make ridiculous decisions. First there was Arizona Governor Jan Brewer who eliminated state domestic partnerships benefits a year after they were introduced. She says God placed her in the role of Governor and she relies on her faith and prayer to make decisions as a Governor. What about separation of church and state. And then Good Old Carrie Prejean who during a speech to some bigots said that during the Miss USA pageant ‘God had a plan for her’. And ‘God chose her for that moment’ She might have ‘lost the crown but God had a bigger crown for her in heaven.’ Barf, barf. God has more important things to do then care about these two nuts.

Some shocking news  I read yesterday is that there is an epidemic of homeless LGBT youth in New York. Every night gay kids have to hustle for money or a place to sleep. There are 200 beds for homeless LGBT youth to sleep in the country and over 1.000 of them already live in New York. Each year the U.S. has between 575.000 and 1.6 million homeless youth. 20-40% of them identify as LGBT. 26% of youth that comes out gets kicked out of their house and nearly 50% have attempted suicide. That’s truly horrific. There should be more places like the Ali Forney Center in NY.

Apparently hair whorls in men can predict their sexuality!. It seems 4 times as many gay men have their whorl on the back of their head go counter-clockwise as the general public. I have to admit mine does as well!! Then again a while back there was a survey that looked at the ring fingers and the index fingers and said that gays have index fingers that are substantially shorter than their ring fingers. I don’t have that. So what am I, bi??? Ich don’t think so, as Bruno would say.

Showbizz and sports news

13 07 2009

Michael Jackson’s dermatologist Klein has refused in the past to turn over Jackson’s medical records to authorities. Right now he hasn’t given up all records either. Sounds fishy to me. And Latoya Jackson thinks her brother is killed.

Joan Rivers was one of the first famous comedians to make a joke about Jackson after he passed away. She said that now it was safe for her grandson to walk over the streets alone again. Some say it’s too soon but I think a comedian can get away with almost anything.

Duncan James, actor and singer from the boy band Blue came out of the closet as bisexual this weekend. He is really popular in Britain and because I keep up-to-date with all the British tabloids I have seen him in there and on TV multiple times. He is really, really hot so good for him to keep all options open!!

Katy Price aka Jordan, glamour model, talk show-host, reality star, singer and author(wow that is a whole list) is one of Britain’s richest self made business woman. She made 40 million mostly with her books and endorsement deals. I love her style, very over the top and she seems like a great person.I was sad to hear her marriage with former teen heartthrob Peter Andre broke up after 3.5 years. Now she told the media she had a miscarriage just weeks before they split up. It would have been her 4thchild and the third with Peter Andre. The way she deals with her first child that is both mentally and physically handicapped is really a great example.

Dutch world champion gymnastics from the Netherlands nicknamed Lord of the Rings was tested positive for cocaine use at the dutch championships. He had used it a couple days before the tournament at a party. Sounds very similar to Martina Hingis who tested positive on cocaine use during Wimbledon in 2007. She denied even taking it(the blood showed a very very small amount) and said she must have gotten it inside her somehow at a party . She was banned from the WTATour. I believe both of them, because why would you use cocaine for sports like this. It needs a very high skilled technique so being coked up is not an advantage at all.