Sarah Palin is right for a change

17 06 2010

I never thought these words would come out of my mouth. The Dutch and Norwegians indeed have offered their help. A spokesperson of the Dutch embassy in Washington also talked about a late answer from the U.S to the Dutch. She probably would have handled it better than Obama.

Cat-fight, Kathy Griffin and Elisabeth Hasselbeck

16 06 2010

Funny. After previous fierce discussions and talk about DADT and Bill O’Reilly , Hasselbeck thinks she can say something to shut Kathy up on the View or make her feel bad, but she obviously does not know Mrs Griffin loves this. Bring it (on bitch)!!

News; Sarah Palin commentator at Fox News, Eye-white tattoos, Housewives gossip

13 01 2010

What a joke, what the hell does she even know?? And how do they dare to call Fox News the only fair and balanced network in the U.S. With religious right-wing freaks like Huckabee and Palin on board they really believe that they are fair and balanced?? I think it is good Fox News exists because most networks are really lefty and Fox is extremely right, so the overall balance on TV might be there, but Fox News itself is hardly fair and balanced .

I am all for tattoos but what I saw on youtube is a little scary. Apparently some inmates in the U.S  have tattooed the white of their eyes in blue and red. It looks so weird and painful as well. Blue is not even that bad but the red just looks like you have a major eye infection. Freaky!!

There are a few new thing going on with the Real Housewives. First of Tamra Barney and Simon are getting a divorce. She thinks she can do better and I bet she can. If scary Lauri can get a rich sugar daddy then Tamra has to be able to as well. Besides he was a bit of a dick anyway. Her son Ryan has posted some semi-nude pics on the guyswithiphones website and even though his body looks good, his face is just so unattractive. Then I heard Lynne Curtin might be getting a divorce as well. If so, she is just stupid because her husband seems nice and she could never do any better. Then LuAnn the Countess has a new song out as well as Gretchen DeRossi. I have not heard LuAnn’s yet but Gretchen can actually sing better than I would have expected.

Bill O’Reilly versus Amsterdam 2-2

23 08 2009

Last year December Bill O’ Reilly, Fox idiot, had called Amsterdam a corruption and criminality hole full of anarchy where you would not go on vacation with your family. It was 5 minutes of ridiculous scare tactics. I am not the only one strongly disagreeing about this, 2 guys made a YouTube clip, “The Truth About Amsterdam” consisting of fun and great views of Amsterdam with some official statistics underneath. 40% of Americans have used cannabis and only 22% of the Dutch people. Often when I was in the U.S people asked my if my whole family smoked pot. Uhmmm No!!  And even more shocking the amount of drug deaths per million people is 38 in the U.S against 2.4 in the Netherlands. 1 all.

O’Reilly  then showed parts of the YouTube clip in his show and said the statistics weren’t correct because the Netherlands is much smaller(he is wrong there because the statistics keep that in mind) and kept repeating that Amsterdam is a Disney World for criminals. The film makers now have created a website to create the real and fair image of Amsterdam. It’s much more then the red-light district and coffee shops full of marijuana. Not that here is anything bad with it, ask all the American tourists, haha. It might be 2 all, but I think Amsterdam is the moral winner here!!

Agreeing with Bill O’Reilly

9 07 2009

I thought the day would never come that I would agree with that man but after hearing him speak about the whole Michael Jackson circus, I mostly agree with the things he says.

First of that his interactions with kids were unacceptable for any adult.

The African American community made him seem like a pillar of their community while he bleached his skin and has white children. Same goes for Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson almost making him seem like he was Martin Luther King. He was a great entertainer but that’s it.

And why is most of the media now glorifying him while they were so harsh and negative towards him after his child molestation trial. A little objectiveness would not hurt.

Maybe the wording is a little harsh from O’Reilly and the timing could be a little better, but I agree with the points he is making here.