Gossip, Seinfeld star’s difficult name, Elisabitch Hasselbeck in tears, Colicchio wins James Beard Award, Bruno wins lawsuit

6 05 2010

The name Julia Louis- Dreyfus is apparently very difficult for some people to spell. Even the Hollywood star she got this week had to be replaced. It said Luis Dreyfus. “Just when you think you made it, she said.” I love her in Seinfeld, my boyfriend’s favorite all-time series. Elaine and George really make it fun for me.

The View’s Elisabeth Hasselback cried on TV yesterday after feeling sorry for a nasty crack she made about the recently sexually harassed Erin Andrews. According to Elisabeth, if the stalker would have seen Andrews in the bandana she wore on DWTS weeks ago, that would have been enough to have kept him out of jail. Hasselback said she cried at home to her daughter because she hurt someone. Yeah right, bitch hurts people’s feeling for a job.

Tom Colicchio, the famous chef and judge from Top Chef won the prestigious James Beard Award this week as the nation’s chef of the year. I have been to all of his NY restaurants, Craft Bar, Craft, Craft Steak and the new Colicchio and Sons. Except for the now closed Craft Steak I have always been underwhelmed in his restaurants. Give me Bobby Flay and Mario Batali anytime over him.

The woman who filed a lawsuit against the maker’s of Bruno for sabotaging her bingo and causing her huge mental damage lost on all accounts. Richelle Olson even has to pay $17k in attorney fees. She wanted $ 25k in damages, first even saying she was in a wheelchair now because Bruno’s people attacked her.

Bruno bingo attack all lies!!??

7 06 2009

According to Universal pictures the allegations made by Richelle Olsen are all fabricated and they have the tapes to prove it. They claim she was never touched or assaulted by Bruno or crew members. I believe them, the story sounded fishy to begin with. Why file a lawsuit 2 years after the alleged injuries and attack. Because of money-whoring and publicity seeking, I think!!!

Bruno being sued by bingo player

4 06 2009

Both Sasha Baron Cohen as NBC universal are being sued by Richelle Olsen. She says Bruno hit her and thanks to him she is now in a wheel chair. After she was displeased with his vulgar talk during a bingo game she tried to get his microphone and during a scuffle, she fell on the floor and was attacked by other crew-members. She passed out and according to her suffered 2 brain injuries. 

If this is all true it is really sad for the woman, but I doubt this is the whole story. Also ,why did she not sue earlier since this apparently happened in 2007.