Gay news, 14-year-old gay basher caught, GOP Montana thinks gays are criminal, Supreme Court rules pro-gay again, anti-gay Tariq Ramadan sues Rotterdam

29 06 2010

In Amsterdam police arrested a 14-year-old gay basher. He was one in a group of 3 to attack 2 gay men back in early june. They spit on one of the gay man and when he was saying something about it they hit him in. The other 2 are still on the loose. He was not Moroccan for a change, but black.

One of the issues on the new platform for the Republican Party in Montana is to keep gay sex illegal. Cause being gay is criminal people!!! Ridiculous for a U.S state in the year 2010.

With a 5-4 vote the Supreme Court has decided that the University of California’s Hasting Law School can deny recognition of the School’s Christian Legal Society because it refuses to admit gays. They think that is against their core belief. Hastings’ thinks no campus group can deny people based on sexuality. Totally agree. Judge Kennedy was the swing vote and might be important if the same-sex marriage debate gets to that court.

Tariq Ramadan, the fired integration adviser of Rotterdam wants 50.000 bucks from the city. Ramadan has been extremely negative about gays in the past which led to an investigation after which he could stay but that caused the Libertarians to get out of the city council. A while back he was eventually fired because he also worked for Iranian government financed TV. Now he feels his dignity and honor is lost because of what happened. I think he should get lost.

If you oppose gay marriage you are a bigot!!

6 05 2010

I had discussions with people on my blog about this and the article I read on says it all. Exactly how I feel.

By definition, bigots are people with unshakable baseless prejudices. There is absolutely no reason, besides blind prejudice, to deny gay couples the right to marriage.

You can use religious language to express your belief that gays and lesbians are disgusting second class citizens unworthy of rights that heterosexuals take for granted, but it doesn’t make your position any less bigoted. Logically, there is no reason to put same-sex relationships on a lesser legal footing than opposite sex unions, unless you think there’s something wrong with them.

You can insist you don’t wish gay people any harm. Perhaps not. But there were lots of pro-segregationists who didn’t wish ill upon black people, but still didn’t want to drink out of the same fountains. They too were bigots.

You can point out that discrimination against gays and lesbians is a longstanding tradition, but that doesn’t excuse your bigotry. If anything, it makes it worse. It was one thing to fear what the expansion of gay rights might do when gays and lesbians had no rights. Today we’re decades into gay liberation and none of the dire predictions have come true. For example, children raised by same-sex parents are at least as healthy and well-adjusted as those raised by opposite sex parents—and no more likely to self-identify as gay.

So, if you’re still clinging to those irrational fears in the face of evidence, guess what? That’s bigoted. If, like the voters of California, you voted to break up families in the name of preserving family values, that makes you a hypocrite and a bigot. Deal with it people and own it!!

Gay news; Larry Johnson, same-sex marriage in Argentina?? Bea Arthur a class-act even after death

30 10 2009

Larry Johnson feels himself man enough to call other people fags but manning up to his 2-week suspension(only 1 week is a real game) he can’t. He is gonna appeal is suspension because he does not think it’s fair. I think it is, mostly because it is a good example being set that even in the NFL talk like that is unacceptable. Johnson’ father is disappointed in his son because of the way blacks in his childhood were being discriminated against. At least one person in that family that gets it. Johnson’s lawyer and agent says he did not even know faggot was an offensive word. Whatever!!

Argentina might become the first latin-american country to legalize gay marriage. In congress there is more and more support to change to laws defining marriage as a union between man and woman. Of course religious groups are already rallying against it but hopefully equality will prevail in Argentina as well. The future dutch queen is from Argentina so dutch queens care about this even more.

Bea Arthur showed what a great spirit she had when it was announced by her estate that she was donating $300.000,00 dollar to the Ali Forney Center in New York. The shelter offers emergency shelter and transitional housing and operates 2 drop-inn centers offering food, clothing, hiv-testing and mental health treatment for LGBT youth. What a great cause!

Gay news; 3 stories about people that get discriminated themselves, but do the same to gays

16 10 2009

The Muslim football team that first refused to play a gay team, then said they would and then again backed out are being kicked out of their local Paris league for discrimination. Well done Paris, this was just too ridiculous. Muslims always yell that they don’t get any respect. Well, let them show others respect for a change.

ABC news had an interview with a latino thug that was friends with the guys that beat down Jack Price this weekend, something I blogged about earlier this week. The guy is proudly showing of his tattoo with the Leviticus quote, “A man shall not lay with a male as one does with a woman, it’s an abomination”  and then says it was not an anti-gay hate-crime and that the Price had it coming for blowing kisses at him and other guys in the Queens Area.Luckily Price is out of his coma now. I get so sick of the gay panic defense/hiding behind religion that is used as a stupid excuse for such violence. Well with a tattoo like that you are not very believable as it comes to not hating gays!! And if there is a God he would certainly not accept beating up an innocent man like that.

A lesbian woman was the victim of some anti-gay abuse at the National Equality March by a group of black teenage skateboarders. They threw a jug at her and her girlfriend and when she asked who did it, one girl came forward and asked if she had a problem with that. When she answered back “yes, why did you do this” , the black girl answered that she was a bitch and a dyke. The lesbian woman started to reason with the girl and told her she was black and her great-great grandparents might have been slaves and then all hell broke loose. The black girl started screaming the lesbian called her a nigger and  a slave and started to hit her and the gf with her skateboard and the other group of skateboarders came aggressively closer as well. Luckily police showed up and arrested the black girl. As much as I hate to say this, behavior like this seems to be pretty common in the black community and they should be fucking ashamed of themselves. Most gays have always stood behind acceptance of black and what do we get in return. My acceptance personally is getting less and less

Gay news; Westerwelle first gay foreign minister, Cleveland hosts 2014 Gay Games, Rapper Warren G a bigot

29 09 2009

Germany has a new gay power couple.  The likely new foreign minster of Germany will be Guido Westerwelle of the FDP. He will also be the vice-chancellor for Angela Merkel. He and his hot partner Michael Mronz, a business man and his advisor, came out together at Angela Merkel’s birthday party in 2004. In Germany no one really cares about his orientation, he actually gained a lot of younger fans, but in other countries they see issues with a gay foreign minister. I think it would be a good idea, countries that have an issue with it should just get more progressive, times change!

Cleveland, Ohio, will be the host of the 2014 Gay Games. In Cologne, Germany, the Federation of Gay Games, announced this during a press conference. They beat out Washington DC and Boston. I would have preferred the other two but it’s great to have a Gay Games in the U.S. I might participate in tennis!! Loved the games in Amsterdam back in 1998. One of the better weeks of my life.

Rapper Warren G, famous back in the day, thinks he is so open-minded by saying he is fine with gays. His wife has friends that are gay, he has family that is gay. But then he ruins all that talk by saying that he is fine with gays, except he does not wanna see them kissing on TV. It’s not good for kids!!  Another black bigot. Can you imagine people saying they don’t want to see black people kissing on TV.

Is Gay the new Black?

22 07 2009

The discussion which is harder, being black or being gay has been going on since the proposition 8 debacle in California. Gay marriage was mostly voted against by the African American community then and since that day gays and black have been warring against each other on this issue. According to the African American community it is insulting to equal their civil rights movement to the gay rights movement.I have to disagree. Right now in the U.S being openly gay is just as much an issue for some people as being black is for others. If a black person is being discriminated against everyone comes up in arms( and rightly so) and for gays that has just happened marginally( in the last few years). African Americans can get married everywhere (as they should) but gays can’t. And the argument that they are born black and gays choose to be gay is just such a ridiculous and bigoted view, it should not even be used in discussions anymore. The only point  I can agree with is that not everyone can see someone is gay right from the start as they can see that someone is black. But another much bigger argument for the side that being gay is harder is that black children are never thrown out of their houses or being discriminated against by their families, something many gay teens have experienced. And being discriminated against by your own family is worse then anything else.

Gay Pride display in Milwaukee lasts 4 hours

15 07 2009

Then the spokeswoman for the U.S. postal service in Milwaukee removed it from the downtown post office because it did not fit qualifications. Black history displays have appeared in the past in the same office and were not taken down. Can you imagine the outrage if that would have happened instead of the gay display that was installed on the first day of gay pride month.