Joan Rivers treated like a terrorist

6 01 2010

Joan was on vacation in Costa Rica and wanted to fly back to the U.S and was bumped of her flight for security reason because the gate agent found her name in there, Joan Rosenberg aka Joan Rivers, fishy. Joan wrote of her experience. ” If I were going to make up an alias I would have picked something else than Rosenberg. I’d pick Jolie or Pitt. Do terrorists wear Manolo Blahniks? I can tell you Donna Karan does not make anything that hides a bomb. I tried tears, that did not work. I tried reasoning. I said: “I am gonna get a heart attack over this and then the women called for a paramedic.” Even the fact she was signing autographs before take off did not help. She had to stay an extra night in Costa Rica and went back the next day. I totally understand her being pissed, that is just ridiculous.