Gay news, gay pride float set on fire, Costa Rica, gay beating in Britain, DADT

4 07 2010

A gay pride float built, like every year, by a straight couple from Anchorage, Alaska was set on fire last week. Neighbors claim to have seen someone running from the scene just before the fire. The couple plan to use the ashes and pieces of scorch to make a new float called “Phoenix Rising.”

Costa Rica’s higher court suspended an upcoming vote on same-sex marriage because it might violate the nation’s constitution. Opponents of the referendum have argues that it is unfair to let 93% of people decide the faith of 7%. I agree with that.

A gang of up to 15 men and women have attacked a gay couple in Bradford, UK. The victims needed hospital treatment for head injuries after being struck by makeshift weapons from a skip. The gang chased the men, 21 and 37 and used gay slurs. Fucking savages.

A clip to show what is really going on with DADT, CNN did a good job with this.

British woman done with sausage after seeing peen

3 09 2009

 54-year old Denise Woodard saw her neighbor playing with his penis in his backyard and that got her off men and sausages forever. Denise is fat, old, ugly, with glasses and extreme bushy eyebrows so I think the men are happy!! She saw this first back in 2008 and after she complained police put surveillance cameras and caught the man soon after. He was jailed for six weeks and is for 7 years on a sex offender list. And his wife left him. A little much for just some jerking off in your own backyard. Miss Woodard says she is on anti-depressants and sleeping pills after seeing this. Ok???