Gossip, Seinfeld star’s difficult name, Elisabitch Hasselbeck in tears, Colicchio wins James Beard Award, Bruno wins lawsuit

6 05 2010

The name Julia Louis- Dreyfus is apparently very difficult for some people to spell. Even the Hollywood star she got this week had to be replaced. It said Luis Dreyfus. “Just when you think you made it, she said.” I love her in Seinfeld, my boyfriend’s favorite all-time series. Elaine and George really make it fun for me.

The View’s Elisabeth Hasselback cried on TV yesterday after feeling sorry for a nasty crack she made about the recently sexually harassed Erin Andrews. According to Elisabeth, if the stalker would have seen Andrews in the bandana she wore on DWTS weeks ago, that would have been enough to have kept him out of jail. Hasselback said she cried at home to her daughter because she hurt someone. Yeah right, bitch hurts people’s feeling for a job.

Tom Colicchio, the famous chef and judge from Top Chef won the prestigious James Beard Award this week as the nation’s chef of the year. I have been to all of his NY restaurants, Craft Bar, Craft, Craft Steak and the new Colicchio and Sons. Except for the now closed Craft Steak I have always been underwhelmed in his restaurants. Give me Bobby Flay and Mario Batali anytime over him.

The woman who filed a lawsuit against the maker’s of Bruno for sabotaging her bingo and causing her huge mental damage lost on all accounts. Richelle Olson even has to pay $17k in attorney fees. She wanted $ 25k in damages, first even saying she was in a wheelchair now because Bruno’s people attacked her.


16 12 2009

I finally saw the movie Bruno this weekend, half a year later than the rest of the world. I was gonna go and see it with my sister back in summer, but first I got sick and then she was on vacation and when we both had the time and felt like it, the movie was already not playing anymore in cinemas. I was bummed then, but not so much anymore. What an utter disappointment. Maybe my expectations were too high after loving Borat so much.

The first half an hour of Bruno were just excruciatingly unfunny, only slightly funny was him coming on to presidential candidate Ron Paul and then after being blown off saying even Ru Paul was not into him. The whole skit in the Middle East was terrible though. It had some funny moments later on when you see him interact as Bruno with normal people who believe he is for real. The camping trip with the rednecks where he says they are just like the Sex and the City-girls and later on wants to sleep in one guy’s tent, the swinger party where he keeps touching other guys or the boxing match in the end where all the rednecks go crazy the moment they see two men kissing. My favorite part was him talking to a conversion pastor( cures gays) who says his lips were meant to spread the word of God and Bruno said he thought the guys lips were made for sucking cock. Not great by any means but worth watching at home when nothing is on tv?? yes!

Gay News; Prejean still thinks it’s all about her; homeless gay youth in NY, do you have gay hair?

19 09 2009

What is it with bigots using God’s name to say stupid things and make ridiculous decisions. First there was Arizona Governor Jan Brewer who eliminated state domestic partnerships benefits a year after they were introduced. She says God placed her in the role of Governor and she relies on her faith and prayer to make decisions as a Governor. What about separation of church and state. And then Good Old Carrie Prejean who during a speech to some bigots said that during the Miss USA pageant ‘God had a plan for her’. And ‘God chose her for that moment’ She might have ‘lost the crown but God had a bigger crown for her in heaven.’ Barf, barf. God has more important things to do then care about these two nuts.

Some shocking news  I read yesterday is that there is an epidemic of homeless LGBT youth in New York. Every night gay kids have to hustle for money or a place to sleep. There are 200 beds for homeless LGBT youth to sleep in the country and over 1.000 of them already live in New York. Each year the U.S. has between 575.000 and 1.6 million homeless youth. 20-40% of them identify as LGBT. 26% of youth that comes out gets kicked out of their house and nearly 50% have attempted suicide. That’s truly horrific. There should be more places like the Ali Forney Center in NY.

Apparently hair whorls in men can predict their sexuality!. It seems 4 times as many gay men have their whorl on the back of their head go counter-clockwise as the general public. I have to admit mine does as well!! Then again a while back there was a survey that looked at the ring fingers and the index fingers and said that gays have index fingers that are substantially shorter than their ring fingers. I don’t have that. So what am I, bi??? Ich don’t think so, as Bruno would say.

News bites

26 07 2009

Buckingham Palace has ordered a copy of the movie Bruno! They will show it to the Queen and Prince Philip at a private screening at their Balmoral house. Wow, the Queen likes her queens!

EyeWorks production, the company of dutch former actor Reinout Oerlemans(who is married to Lance Armstrong’s ex girlfriend) is gonna make a reality show with Octomom Nadya Suleman and her kids.The kids will make 250K a person in the next three years because of this. I will certainly not watch it but the show might become a big hit.

Madonna will have a news single out on august 3. It’s part of her new greatest hits collection. I heard snippets of it and it sounds pretty cool.

Johnny Depp told media his dream role would be playing Carol Channing in a biopic of her life. She was immediately enthusiastic about the idea and mentioned men have imitated her since the beginning of her career. He can pull everybody so why not Carol Channing.

LeAnn Rimes and her husband Dean Sheremet are separated. Not a surprise for those who have seen LeAnn slutting it up with actor Eddy Cibrian in recent months. Her ex-husband was her former back-up dancer and has always seemed gay to me. Maybe that has to do with it.

Showbizz news

16 07 2009

Renee Zellweger is gonna star in a new Bridget Jones movie. I don’t like Renee Zellweger but she is really good as Bridget Jones. I loved to books and liked the movies as well. The first 2 were based upon the books and that’s what made them good. Without another book I have my doubts this one will be that great. Curious to see if Zellweger will pack on the pounds again or just will wear a fat suit.

The movie Bruno is forbidden in the Ukraine for being to raunchy. There is too much gay sex and obscene nudity. Borat was also forbidden there. what a bunch of prudes.

I think the Gosselins with their Jon & Kate plus 8 are in general to boring to report about. I can’t really care about them breaking up .What I do think is funny though is that fat boring Jon is having a new girlfriend, 22 years old and much better looking and apparently everyone knows she is in it for the fame except Jon. Wonder how long they will last.

Daniel Radcliffe aka Harry Potter thinks it’s awesome that people think he is gay. He is surrounded by gays since he was young and thinks it’s a compliment. The world needs more straight guys like that!


21 06 2009

According to the National Enquirer actor Morgan Freeman(72) has a 10-year old affair with his 27 year old step-granddaughter E’Dena. If this is for real, it;s pretty creepy and Woody Allen-like. Of course the Enquirer writes crap a lot but this seemed really like the truth.

Bruno was in Amsterdam at the red-light district where he opened a division with male prostitutes(all as a joke). He sure pulls out all the stops for his European promotion.

Poor Britney keeps true to her “smart” self by yelling “Hello London,”,while being somewhere else.

And actor Dennis Quaid gets more money from the hospital in LA that accidentally gave his twins an almost fatal dose of blood thinners. Each kid gets $ 250.000 and free care. If I was him I would never sat foot in that hospital again so they could keep the free care.


18 06 2009

Glaad(gay organisation) called Bruno recently in a statement “offensive and problematic” and saying some people in the gay community will not like it. They are also afraid it is too much of a stereotype and is like a white person putting on a “black face”.

I think this is just ridiculous. First of, there are always people that will not like something, so that is not an argument. I have seen parts and it;s clearly a satire and in my opinion super funny. People that don’t see that and think all gays are like that are not very smart and would have probably thought that anyway. I doubt there are many people that will see the movie and don’t understand it’s the bigots that are being made fun off and not gays in general.