Gossip, Ronaldo in favor of gay marriage, Dennis Hopper’s wife want money

1 06 2010

Soccer Star Cristiano Ronaldo told the biggest Portuguese Newspaper that he is in favor of marriage equality. He thinks all citizens need to exact same rights and responsibilities. Good a straight super star like that in a macho world speaks out about this.

Dennis Hopper passed away this weekend after a battle with prostate cancer. He desperately tried to divorce his wife Viktoria in the months before his death but did not succeed. She now wants 25% of his estate and $2500000 life insurance. I hope she gets very little, seems like a gold-digger to me.

Lad Gaga set a new record this week. Her song Alejandro was the 7th top 10 hit of her album The Fame Monster. The previous record was in hands of Michael Jackson with 6. Wow, that is pretty damn special!!

Sarah Ferguson went on Oprah this week to try to undo the damage after her selling out to a journalist. She said she had been drinking and was “in the gutter” when she wanted to give the undercover journalist access to her husband. I always liked her but this is all a bit shady.

Gossip, Sex and the City, Gary Coleman, Speidi Break-up, Kendra sex-tape, 50 Cent’s shocking transformation

29 05 2010

I have not seen SATC 2 yet but even though the critics are very negative ,the fans seem to love it and even think it is better than the first. My favorite author Jesse Archer had a small part in the movie and said Liza was “special”. It took her 300 takes and 3 days to get it right and she was so needy for the love of her “audience” that you cannot help but pull for her. Johnny Weir answered the question everyone has before, who of the 4 are you. He was mostly a Carrie and a Charlotte. I used to be a total Samantha but now I am a nagging whiney Carrie, I think. My boyfriend is a Miranda with a bit of Charlotte. Can’t wait to see it.

Gary Coleman, the tiny black child star, died yesterday of brain bleeding, at age 42. He became famous in Diff’rent Strokes and had roles in Married… With Children ,The A-Team and “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.”  Gary was so small because of a kidney disease and was in the last years of his life more the butt of jokes because of his failed career and public fights. Sad. We had a guy in the Netherlands with the same sort of disease, Bart de Graaff. He also died young but was the host of several great TV-shows and even started his own TV/Radio Broadcasting Network.

I hope it is true this time, I definitely read it in multiple media sources!! Speidi has broken up. Apparently Heidi Montag got a little fed up with Spencer Pratt’s behavior, him generating bad press and family feuds. The funny part is that she says she wants to focus on an acting career!! In porn I guess.

Kendra Wilkinson has a sex-tape out made prior to her becoming famous. The former playmate and “girlfriend” of Hugh Hefner is getting $680.000 and profits from the video released by Vivid entertainment. She made a statement that is breaks her heart and is afraid people will judge her. Well, she could have picked a better partner to do it with, but please she is no royalty or in politics. This is not exactly a shock! I mean I do like her and her show Kendra on E but this is a little much.

Wow, has everyone seen the shocking pics of 50 Cent??  If not look it up.He lost 50 pounds for a movie role in which he plays a football player dying of cancer. It is so scary to look at. He looks like someone dying of AIDS or a person from Africa starving. Cannot say he does not try his best for this role.

News, gossip, gay,political

19 04 2010

Kathy Griffin promoted awareness for cancer in a way only she can. By getting a public pap smear at a famous pool in Los Angeles, of course while being filmed for her TV-show. She sure knows how to get attention for a good cause. I love Kathy, her antics/shows always cheers me up when I am in a crappy mood.

Kate Hudson got breast implants. I am surprised someone like her with a flat chest did not get it earlier but now her body fits the person she is even more. Off hunting for one celebrity boyfriend after the other.

The GLAAD(gay and lesbian alliance against defamation) media awards were handed out this weekend. I think GLAAD often overreacted while handling gay-related things this year so I am not a fan but they handed out awards to the good shows/people. Drew Barrymore, Wanda Sykes, Glee and Ru Pauls’ Drag Race won the prizes.

Rush Limbaugh made a fool of himself yet another time by saying the eruption of the volcano in Iceland might have been God’s response to Obama’s health care reform. Surprised no one has blamed it on the gays like they did with 9/11 and Katrina. Will be soon though I guess.

GLBT NEWS over the world; lesbian in tux can’t get into year book, intersexed people in Aus. registered as sex-offenders to get meds, in Uganda gays get death penalty?

17 10 2009

A lesbian high school student is banned from her yearbook because she wore a tuxedo. The school in Wesson, Mississippi told Ceare Sturgis that her attire was inappropriate for her gender. The girl never wears girls clothes and felt horrible in a dress so she just decided to dress the way she is. In previous yearbooks of the school there had been cross-dressing by straight students and that was deemed fine, but a lesbian in a tux is just too much for them. ACLU has decided to take on the girl’s case against the school.

In Australia intersexed people have to join a sex offender list to get the medication they need. The health care policy only gives an anti-androgen medication to sex offenders and people with prostate cancer. Female-identified transsexuals that try the meds to suppress their male hormones have to join the list as well. What a ridiculous rule, as if those people don’t have a hard time enough on itself without being on a sex-offender list.

In Uganda a politician has proposed legislation that would make homosexuality on offense punishable by death. It’s already illegal in Uganda but this politician thinks harder laws need to be made. The bill does not only outlaw gay sex but also criminalize all advocacy of gay rights and family and friends of gays and lesbians that don’t report their loved ones to authorities should be punished as well. Sounds like Nazi Germany.

Gossip; Patrick Swayze, Whitney on Oprah, Michael Douglas and Matt Damon in Liberace movie

15 09 2009

Some truly sad news to start. Actor Patrick Swayze died yesterday, age 57, after a 2-year battle with pancreatic cancer. He was only given 6 months initially by doctors but called himself a”miracle dude” after living much longer and even shooting a TV-series in the following months. He seemed to be a truly great person and has some amazing films behind his name. He played a drag queen in Too Wong Foo, Thanks for everything and who hasn’t seen the great movie Ghost ,with Whoopie Goldberg and Demi Moore. But he will be most remembered for his role in the musical Dirty Dancing. He sure made many girls and gays fall in love with him in that role, what a hunk.

Everybody was interested in the outcome of the interview between Oprah Winfrey and Whitney Houston but it wasn’t all that. Some interesting tidbits though were that Bobby spit on her during a fight and she hit him back three times under the watchful eye of their daughter. She was addicted to Bobby and could not do anything without him. He resented her more and more for her success and even cut her head of pictures and other childish things like that. Nothing we all didn’t more or less know after seeing “Being Bobby Brown”. Whitney seemed to make up answers as they spoke sometime. Will she stay sober for much longer??, my guess is no.

Michael Douglas and Matt Damon will play the lead characters in the biopic of Liberace. Now that is a movie I would like to see. And Matt Damon was apparently also behind the prank on George Clooney at the Film Festival in Venice where a man stripped and asked for a kiss.

Sports; swimming, tennis

31 07 2009

The world championships swimming surely are a feast for the eyes. First there is the mostly semi-nude audience of a lot of other swimmers that the camera’s show before the race and then the swimmers themselves. Best bodies from all sports in my opinion. Of course the sport on itself is great for TV and super exciting, but swimmers like Americans Ryan Lochte, Eric Shanteau(cancer survivor) and French sprinters Alain Bernard and Frederick Bousquet make it even better.

The US open series Tennis have started this week with one of my favorite tournaments in the world, the one in Stanford, Ca. I have been to that tournament a couple years in a row when I was still living in the Bay Area. It has a great atmosphere, you can be very close to the players and the vicinity is beautiful as well. But most importantly the player’s entry list is every year pretty spectacular. One of the Williams sisters generally cancels this tournament at the last minute but this year both are here and already in the quarter-finals. The other six are Elena Dementieva, Maria Sharapova, Marion Bartoli, Jelena Jankovic, Sam

Serena Williams

Serena Williams

 Stosur and Daniela Hantuchova. That would be a great final eight for any slam let alone a smaller tournament like this.


7 06 2009

I was raised as a catholic boy, went to a catholic school and was even an altar boy. While I am glad i was raised that way, right now i don;t consider myself religious anymore. I do hope that there is a God and when I feel scared or bad i do pray every now and then but that doesn;t make me a real true believer, i guess.

On days like yesterday when i read a news/personal story on the blog of Jesse Archer, fabulous gay writer, actor and more I wonder why if there is a God, why would he let a thing like the following happen.

Australian Chris O’Brien was a cancer expert and one of the world’s top brain cancer surgeons. 2.5 years ago he developed a very lethal type of brain cancer himself and this past week he died. Why do such terrible and very unfair things happen with a good and caring God. This is of course an example and most people can come up with a story similar to this one. When i ask religious people about that they say God can;t do everything and some things just happen, but that is too me not a sufficient answer. Maybe someone else can give me a better answer to this burning question.