Gay news, Anita bitch back, gay basher in NY gets nothing, Today Show and the gays, Broadway Bares

10 07 2010

The original Carrie Prejean, anti-gay beauty queen Anita Bryant will be back in the public eye. She will be in Yukon, Oklakoma for a patriotic performance. It is basically for a group against muslims and gays(cause they are similar?!) It will also coincide with the local Tea Party. Prejean ,who of course is not nearly as bad as Bryant was, got married last weekend to pro football player San Diego quarterback Kyle Boller. She did it in style, at the hotel of anti-gay Doug Manchester.

Driton Nicaj assaulted 3 gay man in 2009 and only got 45 days, less than Lindsay Lohan. Two men required stitches and one men even a metal plate in his skull while he used anti-gay slurs. Apparently the judges think this is not severe. Unbelievable. And why is it so often in civilized places like the Netherlands and New York a non local sounding name?? Those people should go back to their own countries if they cannot be civil in ours.

The Today Show got a lot of slack from pro-gay people by not letting gay couples enter their ” Modern Wedding Contest”. They eventually agreed it was not fair and opened the contest for gays as well. Now of course the right-wing bigots are all up in arms. The American Family Association for instance wants people to boycott the Today show from now on for promoting this “sinful behavior.” Poor Today Show, can’t do it right for everyone. But they did the right thing in my eyes.

Broadway Bares is a yearly show from Broadway Cares in which stars of the theatre strip and dance for HIV/AIDS. They raised an amazing 1 million dollars this year. I have never been but after seeing this footage, count me in for next year!!

Gossip; Travolta and Cruise playing butch??, Carrie Prejean fun, Celine Dion sadness

12 11 2009

Scientology buddies John Travolta and Tom Cruise will do a remake of the cowboy movie (with gay undertones) “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, or in their case Bitch Cassidy and the Prancing Kid. John Travolta playing butch, that must be a stretch!! haha. I dislike both as you can hear so that truly is a movie I do not wanna see.

Carrie Prejean, aka Miss Sticky Ladyfingers, is promoting her book at all the major TV-shows this week. She better stick to FOX where I saw Sean Hannity(who wrote the prequel in her book) being still so in awe with her he could barely ask a normal question. He so wants to fuck her, it’s getting a bit sad. At the View she was already getting a few more serious questions, but at Larry King all went wrong last night. He was asking her about the lawsuit hearings a few times and all the bitch could say was” You are being inappropriate Larry”, making Larry call his show Inappropriate King Live. After a gay caller wanted to ask a question, Prejean stopped the interview immediately and removed her microphone. Who does she think she is, the Queen of England?? It was also made clear yesterday that she begged her ex-boyfriend ,who gave the sex-tape to TMZ, to tell everyone that she was underage during the filming of the tape. A lie she already tried to use with her nude photos. I don’t care that the girl does dirty things, but people in glass houses should not throw stones. That is why this is funny.

Celine Dion who I mentioned as pregnant with her second kid unfortunately got a miscarriage. Celine was due in May. The baby was conceived through in vitro which apparently makes the chance of a miscarriage a lot higher. Very sad.



Gay News, Carrie Prejean sex-tape, gays thrown out of NY cap, gay candidate smeared as child molester

5 11 2009

Anti-gay bitch Carrie Prejean, the new darling of the christian right whom God was speaking to directly according to many during her famous pageant speech, has a sex tape out so dirty and raunchy TMZ did not wanna publish it on their website!! hahahaha!! During her multi-million dollar lawsuit against  Miss California USA they showed her parts of the XXX-rated tape and she immediately walked away with basically nothing. $100.000 dollar which is a fraction of her lawyers costs. What a wholesome christian girl. What’s next, a Maggie Gallagher sex-tape??, haha.

A gay couple that was hugging in the back of a taxi was thrown of out the taxi in New York by their driver Medhat Mohammed(surprise, surprise) after only to blocks. According to him hugging was not allowed in his taxi and they had to get out. Obviously it has nothing to do with the hugging itself, but with the fact that it where 2 men hugging. The Taxi and Limousine Commission is looking into it to see if it was service refusal. While I think hugging is fine, even if to people are doing a lot more the taxi driver first has to warn them and ask to stop before just throwing them out.

An openly gay Republican candidate for the Annapolis City council was being smeared as a child molester by a group called ” Friends and supporters of Black Annapolis. It also says: ” Keep our sister Classie Hoyle in, keep our African-American Power. Keep us from Sin and Sexual Assault and keep our children safe.” It is being investigates as a hate crime.


Gossip; Who likes Rachael Ray?? Prejean has to pay back fake titties, Sex and the City spoiler(sort of)

20 10 2009

I love U.S. TV, but how is it possible that Rachael Ray’s talkshow is already being picked up for a 6th season and won two day-time Emmy’s already. I really hate this woman and don’t understand her appeal at all. She is fat, not funny, annoying, dumb and uses the worst word jokes ever. Who watches that crap?? Even on the Food Network she is hardly watchable but at least she can cook a little. But a full hour of hearing her yap about nothing. Yuck!!

Carry Prejean has to pay back her fake titties to the Miss California pageant organisation. They are suing her for 5200 dollars. Carrie wanted them back in April to be more competitive at the Miss U.S.A. pageant and was supposed to pay them back, but never did. Well, she has a book coming out that some wingnuts will buy, so that way she can pay back her fake tits, like God intended. Fake tits and lying, just the way God intended.

It’s been a while since we saw and heard anything from the “Sex and the City” set, but I have a little update/spoiler. This time though, don’t hold your breath because it’s not huge!  Miley Cyrus and Samantha Jones have a fashion face-off when they end up at a party for Smith Jerrod, both wear the same outfit and clash. Bet it looks better on Samantha even though she is 35?? years older ,or something. Hopefully the next spoiler will be a bit juicier, people.

Gay news; Calendar of horrors, hospital should be ashamed, Canadian gays unfairly detained in Dubai

30 09 2009


A new calendar comes out for 2010 that will not be featured in many gay households for sure or maybe only as dartboard. It’s called Great American Conservative Woman calendar and features beauty queen Carrie Prejean, hate monger Ann Coulter and bigot Senator Michele Bachmann. Barf, barf, barf.

  The Federal Court dismissed the lawsuit from a lesbian mother, Jessica Langbehn,(who could not be with her dying girlfriend) against Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami. Her girlfriend suffered an aneurysm on a Rosie cruise and even after a power of attorney naming Langbehn was sent to the hospital, she was still refused access to her partner. She was only able to see her partner when a priest was giving last rites. According to the Federal Court the hospital did not have any obligation to let Langbehn see het partner. I only have one word for this, ridiculous.

A gay couple was detained for 28 days in Dubai for having arthritis drugs with them. The couple was only staying one day in UAE after being on vacation in India and before flying back to Toronto. The custom official probably thought they were gonna be partying in Dubai and that this was drugs to do that with. Both men were not given a chance to contact a lawyer, slept on a filthy prison floor and were held an additional 11 days after being declared innocent!!. A good reason to never visit Dubai, no matter how cool it might be!

Gay News; Prejean still thinks it’s all about her; homeless gay youth in NY, do you have gay hair?

19 09 2009

What is it with bigots using God’s name to say stupid things and make ridiculous decisions. First there was Arizona Governor Jan Brewer who eliminated state domestic partnerships benefits a year after they were introduced. She says God placed her in the role of Governor and she relies on her faith and prayer to make decisions as a Governor. What about separation of church and state. And then Good Old Carrie Prejean who during a speech to some bigots said that during the Miss USA pageant ‘God had a plan for her’. And ‘God chose her for that moment’ She might have ‘lost the crown but God had a bigger crown for her in heaven.’ Barf, barf. God has more important things to do then care about these two nuts.

Some shocking news  I read yesterday is that there is an epidemic of homeless LGBT youth in New York. Every night gay kids have to hustle for money or a place to sleep. There are 200 beds for homeless LGBT youth to sleep in the country and over 1.000 of them already live in New York. Each year the U.S. has between 575.000 and 1.6 million homeless youth. 20-40% of them identify as LGBT. 26% of youth that comes out gets kicked out of their house and nearly 50% have attempted suicide. That’s truly horrific. There should be more places like the Ali Forney Center in NY.

Apparently hair whorls in men can predict their sexuality!. It seems 4 times as many gay men have their whorl on the back of their head go counter-clockwise as the general public. I have to admit mine does as well!! Then again a while back there was a survey that looked at the ring fingers and the index fingers and said that gays have index fingers that are substantially shorter than their ring fingers. I don’t have that. So what am I, bi??? Ich don’t think so, as Bruno would say.


31 07 2009

Police chiefs Barry Carpenter and Chad Dojack were arrested for trying to break into the home of Sarah Jessica Parker’s surrogate last month. A third man, the son of a major in Ohio was also booked. What a bunch of idiots. Hope they go to jail for a long time.

I wish I was in New York right now because there will be an open casting for the next Sex and the City movie Tuesday august 4 between 1.30-4 for non-actors. First the casting for the gay movie from my favorite blogger/author Jesse Archer and now this. Why are there never great castings like this when I am in New York?

According to Joe Jackson Omer Bhatti, a Norwegian dancer,is indeed the son of Michael. Omer has denied it himself and Joe Jackson does not seem really reliable, but he does look a bit like a Jackson and he was seated at the front row at the funeral.

After the first rumors that Abba was gonna make a comeback in London to fill up the concert spaces left after Michael Jackson’s passing, now the rumors go that it will be both Robbie Williams and Whitney Houston. I doubt they can fill 50 days and Whitney is not really a big concert singer but we will see. It’s a nice combo.

Carry Prejean is suing the Miss California organization as well as Keith Lewis and Shanna Moakler(pageant organizers) for slander, religious discrimination, libel and intentional infliction of emotional distress. I think the bitch just wants money and publicity.

And Britney Spears is spotted back behind the wheels. She hasn’t been seen driving in over a year. With some Starbucks in hand, rough looking dark weave and the crazies back in her eyes, this is looking not too well. Why is she drinking caffeine period??; not the best thing while having mental issues.