10 most over-hyped things to do in NYC

15 05 2010

The travel site concierge made a list of things that you should not do in NYC. I have done all and do not agree with most of it.

1 Hansom Cab Ride through Central Park. Love it. Great way to see the park quickly.

2 Dining at Tavern on the Green. Does not even exist anymore, food was not great, atmosphere was.

3 Eating on Times Square. Love Ruby Foo’s, W Hotel restaurants.

4 Comedy Shows on Times Square. Saw Mario Cantone at Caroline’s, was a lot of fun.

5 Shopping at Century 21. BF does not like it, but my sister bought a fabulous expensive coat for a lot less there.

6 Nightclubbing in Meatpacking District. Did it with my girlfriends to straight clubs. Not too bad, not great either though.

7 Pedicabs through Midtown. Expensive but fun

8 Eating from a hot dog-cart. Cheap and fairly tasty.

9 Visiting Empire State Building. The line is enormous sometimes and then it is not worth it but other days it is only 10 minutes and then it is fantastic.Empire State view

10 Cupcakes at Magnolia Bakery. Maybe  a bit over-hyped but petty damn tasty nonetheless.

Gossip; Cranberries, Whitney Houston, McSteamy loves his coke

3 09 2009

My favorite band of the 90’s, The Cranberries are going to reunite!! Dolores O’Riordan and the original members of the band will go on tour together where they will play music from Dolores’s new album and they will also write new stuff together.As a moody teen this music was my everything!! Now i like more upbeat dance music. So even though I grew up my taste in music goes down a year every year I get older, haha.

Talking about comebacks, Whitney Houston had her big comeback concert in Central Park for 5.000 fans this week for Good Morning America and she sounded like she ate gravel the night before. Extremely husky but it was live at least and she still sounds like Whitney. On the upside her new album will be the number 1 in the Billboard charts next week.

Eric Dane, Grey’s McSteamy, and his wife Rebecca Gayheart seem to really like their drugs. After the crack video that was made public last month now a source claims that they were snorting coke at a party in Hollywood a few years back. I am the last one to criticise people for doing drugs but I always have to think about the family of the boy that Gayheart killed while driving with a cellphone in her hands. Was she doing drugs back then?? Or maybe she started taking drugs to deal with the drama, that’s a possibility as well.