Gossip, Chaz Bono, singers/condoms, gay celebs pick hottest guys, Sex&theCity

9 05 2010

This week a judge officially granted Chaz Bono’s(formerly Chastity, the daughter of Cher) petition to become a man. He has already undergone surgery to change his sex organs from female to male in september 2009. Congrats Chaz.

Rapper Ludacris is promoting Trojan’s Magnum condoms which are known for their large size. It is a quick way to make people know what you have down there. Other artists like Kid Rock, Little Wayne and Eminem have referenced to the plus-sized condoms in their music as well. I have a feeling with Eminem it is more wishful thinking.

For gay website AfterElton, a few gay celebrities picked who they think is the hottest man of 2010. Last year’s winner Neil Patrick Harris picked singer Nick Jonas, actors Ryan Reynolds and Ryan Philippe and rugby star David Williams. Former Basketball pro John Amaechi picked actor John Barrowman, Gael Garcia Bernal and Zachary Quinto and musical star and TV actor Cheyenne Jackson picked actors Aleksander Skarsgard, Leiv Schreiber and ┬ádesigner Zac Posen. No one seems to have a specific type is my conclusion. Out of all I would pick Ryan Reynolds, John Barrowman and David Williams.

It is getting closer and closer to the opening of the new Sex and the City movie and some of the posters have made people laugh out loud because of the ridiculous Photoshop. Both Miranda and Charlotte look fairly normal, Carrie and mostly Samantha though look like dolls. And they want us to believe they are dolls to another in real life as well and the chemistry is still there. The rumors about them not getting along at all are not true according to the ladies. Yes, there is some tension here and there after 90-hour weeks but that is normal. Fight or no fights, I can’ wait for the movie.

Gossip; Chaz Bono, Mugly attacked and more

20 08 2009

Chaz Bono(Cher’s former daughter, now son) and her girlfriend Jennifer Elia are hoping to start a family soon. The couple is looking around with the help of Cher for a sperm donor. The donor has to be creative, handsome and intelligent!!! Anyone??

The mother of Levi Johnston might go to prison for 5 years. Sherry pleaded guilty on possession of painkillers with the intent to sell. She suffered chronic back pain and had the OxyContin delivered per mail. She did not need that much though cause at three different occasions she tried to sell them to undercover police. She will be sentenced in November. Hope for her the judge is not a Palin supporter.

Project Runway starts with a bang this year and a totally wrinkle-free forehead. The sixth season begins with a 2 hour All Star Challenge with 8 of the favorite contestants of previous years. That will be awesome! And the guest-judge will be none other then wax figurine Nicole Kidman.

Britain’s ugliest dog Mugly was attacked this week by a group of teens. The almost hairless dog was kicked, punched and hit with a stick. Luckily a woman saw the attack and saved the dog. He is home now with bruises, cuts and is extremely shaken up. According to his owner he loves people and probably first thought it was a game. Poor thing, hope the bastards go to jail for a while.