Gossip, Paula Deen, Real Housewives, Tila Tequila, Kylie in NY

8 06 2010

My favorite TV-chef Paula Deen had a maid that stole her jewelry ,y’all . Her husband Michael filed a report with police that in between august 2009 and may 2010, jewelry and other precious metals were stolen. Michael and Paula caught her in the act and fired her ass immediately. I used to think one of our old maids stole my tranquilizers but I think sometimes I just forgot how many I actually took.

Real Housewife of NY, Jill Zarin has contacted authorities for being harassed. A family from Chicago and Alabama have threatened her after her address was made public on the internet. Jill is pissed and rightly so. This is going way too far. Besides, I like Jill and do not get why everyone seems to hate her now. The season finale broke viewing records so people are into them.

Danielle Staub, from New Jersey, has a sex-tape coming out that she made with an unknown male last year. She is the one that Theresa Guidice called a “prostitution whore,” but maybe it is time for Theresa herself to bring out a sex-tape. The woman is $11 million!!!! in debt. She and her husband make only 80.000 a year but have been spending like Donald Trump. How can that even happen???

Tila Tequila is where she belong, the nut-house. She cut her wrist and showed it to fans and they called an ambulance. A while back she twittered about falling and having a deadly dent in her head and she also faked a pregnancy and talked about suicide before. One less person on Dr Drew’s rehab.

Kylie Minogue was in NY for the AmFAR gala and the next day she went to gay bar Splash to promote her new album and the gays went nuts. Been to Splash with my girlfriends once and liked it there. Would have liked seeing Kylie!!

Gossip, Seinfeld star’s difficult name, Elisabitch Hasselbeck in tears, Colicchio wins James Beard Award, Bruno wins lawsuit

6 05 2010

The name Julia Louis- Dreyfus is apparently very difficult for some people to spell. Even the Hollywood star she got this week had to be replaced. It said Luis Dreyfus. “Just when you think you made it, she said.” I love her in Seinfeld, my boyfriend’s favorite all-time series. Elaine and George really make it fun for me.

The View’s Elisabeth Hasselback cried on TV yesterday after feeling sorry for a nasty crack she made about the recently sexually harassed Erin Andrews. According to Elisabeth, if the stalker would have seen Andrews in the bandana she wore on DWTS weeks ago, that would have been enough to have kept him out of jail. Hasselback said she cried at home to her daughter because she hurt someone. Yeah right, bitch hurts people’s feeling for a job.

Tom Colicchio, the famous chef and judge from Top Chef won the prestigious James Beard Award this week as the nation’s chef of the year. I have been to all of his NY restaurants, Craft Bar, Craft, Craft Steak and the new Colicchio and Sons. Except for the now closed Craft Steak I have always been underwhelmed in his restaurants. Give me Bobby Flay and Mario Batali anytime over him.

The woman who filed a lawsuit against the maker’s of Bruno for sabotaging her bingo and causing her huge mental damage lost on all accounts. Richelle Olson even has to pay $17k in attorney fees. She wanted $ 25k in damages, first even saying she was in a wheelchair now because Bruno’s people attacked her.

Steamed cat is delicious!

18 02 2010

That is what an italian tv chef said during his lunch programme on RAI. Beppe Bigazzi said it tastes best if you steam it first for 3 days. It rained complaints after he said this and he has been suspended. Bigazzi does not understand the commotion. People eat chicken en pigeon he says and eating cat used to be very normal in Italy back in the day. I dunno about this one, he is right that chicken are eaten and they are semi- pets as well for some, but a cat is a little different. I would not eat it.

Viagra-laced desserts

27 11 2009

Student chefs in Columbia created a dessert using multiple aphrodisiac-style ingredients, one of them being Viagra. They made a pudding-like sweetness with chocolate, whipped cream and passion fruit that was showcased at a Gastronomy Show in Bogota. Unfortunately it cannot be sold in restaurants because it contains a prescription drug.

Gossip; Sarah Palin/Levi Johnston; Ramsey gets nip/tuck, Shauna Sand sex-tape

29 10 2009

¬†Sarah Palin will be on the Oprah show for the first time on November 16th. She first did not wanna be on the show because Oprah was so pro-Obama, but now that she has a book to sell she does want to be on the show. Palin already got $1.5 million for the book and that’s already a lot more than working as Governor of Alaska would bring in. Meanwhile its confirmed that former son-in-law Levi will show “the full Johnson” for Playgirl and in a pre interview he said Palin called her son with down-syndrome retarded, was constantly fighting with her husband and that he has a lot more secrets about her to tell. Can’t wait.

Guess who got a little nip and tuck??, it’s British chef Gordon Ramsey. Well if there was anyone on TV in desperate need of some it was him! He did not do the moon landscape on his forehead though, but just got some filler around his nose and on his chin. All courtesy to smooth Simon Cowell. Gordon looks a bit better now so I guess it was worth the money!

After the trash-tastic Shauna Sand promised to fight against the release of her sex-tape(to save her good name, haha) she now has withdrawn her fight and the tape will be released. To me it always looked like a planned thing anyway, the movie just looks like a regular porn-movie. Step-daughter and reality star Shayne Lamas has this to say about Shauna on TMZ; ” It’s no shock Shauna basically gave her seal of approval on the tape. She will probably try to get producing and directing credits as well. I hear it’s pretty hardcore and she does her own stunts. There has never been much difference between Shauna and a blow-up doll. Cheap, mostly plastic and a head full of air.” Meowww!!!!

Gossip; Who likes Rachael Ray?? Prejean has to pay back fake titties, Sex and the City spoiler(sort of)

20 10 2009

I love U.S. TV, but how is it possible that Rachael Ray’s talkshow is already being picked up for a 6th season and won two day-time Emmy’s already. I really hate this woman and don’t understand her appeal at all. She is fat, not funny, annoying, dumb and uses the worst word jokes ever. Who watches that crap?? Even on the Food Network she is hardly watchable but at least she can cook a little. But a full hour of hearing her yap about nothing. Yuck!!

Carry Prejean has to pay back her fake titties to the Miss California pageant organisation. They are suing her for 5200 dollars. Carrie wanted them back in April to be more competitive at the Miss U.S.A. pageant and was supposed to pay them back, but never did. Well, she has a book coming out that some wingnuts will buy, so that way she can pay back her fake tits, like God intended. Fake tits and lying, just the way God intended.

It’s been a while since we saw and heard anything from the “Sex and the City” set, but I have a little update/spoiler. This time though, don’t hold your breath because it’s not huge! ¬†Miley Cyrus and Samantha Jones have a fashion face-off when they end up at a party for Smith Jerrod, both wear the same outfit and clash. Bet it looks better on Samantha even though she is 35?? years older ,or something. Hopefully the next spoiler will be a bit juicier, people.