Mother Theresa on Empire State Building

11 06 2010

There has been so much talk and bitching about whether or not the 100th birthday of Mother Theresa should be celebrated with a special color of the Empire State Building in blue and white. The Empire State did not want to do this. No one knows why but catholics are pissed and feel it is about them. I dunno, at first I thought they only did things that have got to do with the U.S but the 60th anniversary of communist China was celebrated in red last year and the death of Pope John Paul 2 was remembered as well. Owner Malkin even said yes to Mariah Carey so than mother Theresa must be a yes as well,a little more important in history then miss Carey don’t you think. My feelings about mother Theresa or a bit double. She has done so much good for everyone in the world also for instance opening AIDS hospices in NY, but is also the reason I lost a quiz on TV once and with that lots of money. I thought a pic of her was shown really blurry but it was actually Frank Sinatra. I was nervous,all right!! But it has haunted me ever since.

Pulling a plane with you eyelids

22 05 2010

No, not smile with yo eyes, like Tyra Banks tells her models every season, but pulling a plane with it. Chinese Dong Changsheng, a Chinese martial arts specialist, pulled a 1234 pound plane at a festival in China. he has done a car before as well. Ouch!!! Do not try this at home, haha.

Floppy ears save little kid

7 05 2010

If there is one thing I find unattractive in either men or women, it is big floppy ears. Luckily mine are small and not floppy. But everyone that pulls on their ears in front of the mirror can agree with me it is not a pretty sight. It can also save your live though. A six-year old from China fell from a window at the 8th floor while he was alone in his grandpa’s house and got stuck in between some iron pins because of his ears. He caught the attention of some people who called the firemen and they pulled him up by his ears and saved his life. Still stuck with those ears now…

Gay News, Mr Gay from South Africa, pastor refuses to give gay prince Carnival his communion wafer, BBC host euthanized partner with AIDS

16 02 2010

This weekend, the Mr Gay elections were held in Norway and the winner was Charl Vandenberg from South Africa. The guy owns a bar in Capetown, made some J/O porn and is pretty good-looking but was not my favorite. Sergio Lara from Spain ended a runner-up and should have won. Overall there were not a lot of hotties. Mr China ended in 4th place and ran without permission from Beijing where the nationals were forbidden. The Netherlands had no competitor for lack of funds!!??. Last year’s dutch guy was not hot at all and I actually once briefly dated a former Mr Gay Netherlands and he was kinda hot, but not Mr hot.

In the Netherlands this weekend Carnival was being held and it is a big deal, definitely in the south of our country. Every community choses their prince( I actually was prince once at school, before I started to really dislike Carnival) and the town Reusel in Brabant had a gay prince this year. A pastor called Luc Buyens refused to give the prince his communion wafer during the carnival’s ceremony in church because of the guy being gay. The only thing he could get was a cross on his forehead. He refused to get that and many people in church did the same to support the prince. I did not even know a pastor could do that. The prince, like myself, has done his communion and was baptized in church so this is just ridiculous. I have never been refused even after I came out. You can be gay and catholic!!

BBC host Ray Gosling, 70, is being investigated by police after he admitted in a show about euthanasia yesterday that he did that to his boyfriend  with aids. They had made a deal with each other that if the pain got too much and there was nothing to be done that they would not let the guy suffer more. One day the doctors said there was nothing to be done and he asked the doctors to leave and smothered his partner with a pillow. The doctors knew what happened but did not question anything. I think Gosling did the only humane thing to do. It must have been terrible to do and shown great love for his partner. Of course not everyone agrees with this and I am curious to see how this ends.

Australian Open day 10

27 01 2010

Both Williams sisters had to play their quarter finals match and while one of them won the other lost. It could have easily been 2 wins or 2 losses as well though, both matches were very tight.

Venus had to play Chin’s Na Li and proved once more she cannot bring her A-game to the Australian Open. So far in her career only one final and a few quarterfinals over here for V. That is with her calibre and the fact that it is not on clay very meager. Venus started well though and let Li make most errors and was leading 6-2 5-4 and was serving for the match when all of a sudden everything went downhill. The third set was just an error-fest with Li making less errors and winning 2-6 7-6 7-5. With Jie Zheng and Na Li china has 2 players in the final 4. Pretty amazing and surprising.

Serena played Vika Azarenka and was down a set and 4-4 in the second with Azarenka playing amazing tennis. This girl’s got game and she proved it again today. With rock hard groundstrokes she simply outplayed Serena who looked sluggish. But people counting out Serena were too soon because she came back with a vengeance and played superb tennis in the rest of the match and won 4-6 7-6 6-2. Azarenka did not even play bad in the third but it was all about Serena. Normally she should beat Na Li and the other 2 semi finalists fairly easy. Except for Justine who might have a small chance.

Australian Open Day 9

26 01 2010

Playing 2 matches in a row on a high level was more then Nadia Petrova could take, today against Justine Henin she played not too good at all. Henin played not at her best either so even though the latch lacked great rallies it was nerve-wracking. Henin won with 7-5 7-6 and is in the semi-finals at Melbourne again in her second tournament back!! Amazing stuff. She will play China’s Jie Zheng in the semi final. Zheng beat Maria Kirilenko 6-1 6-3. Kirilenko was injured and tired from playing singles, doubles and mixed ,but Zheng played great and I would not be super surprised if she beats Henin. Rooting for Henin though, also because Zheng is known as a spoiled bitch.

Gay news; hate speech, Top Chef and more

29 08 2009

Pastor Steven Anderson of the Faithful Word Baptist Church in Tampa Florida was on Alan Colmes radio show and backed up his hateful speech that is almost too crazy to believe. Earlier on he said he goes to bed and prays that Obama dies and goes to hell. Now he says every homosexual is deviant, evil and a predator that is out to recruit people through molestation and rape and that they all should go to jail. He has got serious gay face himself, homo- bashers have often gay feelings themselves!! One of his parishioners was an armed protestor at an Obama Town Hall event last week in Phoenix. These people are nuts!!!

At one of my favorite TV-shows, Top Chef,  a lesbian contestant was angry at being forced to cook at a straight wedding because gays are not allowed to marry. While I think reactions like that are just a bit too much and counter-productive to most people, it did make head judge Tom Colicchio speak out in favor of gay-marriage on his blog. According to him it’s only about equality and he also says religion has no part in the discussion except if the marriage is sealed in church/synagogue/etc. I totally agree with him.

Utah’s new Governor Herbert, who took over for moderate Governor Huntsman who became Ambassador to China, thinks discrimination against gays should be legal. He says” we don’t have to have a rule for people to make sure they do the right thing”. He thinks “people ought to do the right thing because it’s the right thing to do”. Well, how is that working for you so far!!! What an idiot. In Utah it’s still legal to fire someone because they are gay.