Gay news, 14-year-old gay basher caught, GOP Montana thinks gays are criminal, Supreme Court rules pro-gay again, anti-gay Tariq Ramadan sues Rotterdam

29 06 2010

In Amsterdam police arrested a 14-year-old gay basher. He was one in a group of 3 to attack 2 gay men back in early june. They spit on one of the gay man and when he was saying something about it they hit him in. The other 2 are still on the loose. He was not Moroccan for a change, but black.

One of the issues on the new platform for the Republican Party in Montana is to keep gay sex illegal. Cause being gay is criminal people!!! Ridiculous for a U.S state in the year 2010.

With a 5-4 vote the Supreme Court has decided that the University of California’s Hasting Law School can deny recognition of the School’s Christian Legal Society because it refuses to admit gays. They think that is against their core belief. Hastings’ thinks no campus group can deny people based on sexuality. Totally agree. Judge Kennedy was the swing vote and might be important if the same-sex marriage debate gets to that court.

Tariq Ramadan, the fired integration adviser of Rotterdam wants 50.000 bucks from the city. Ramadan has been extremely negative about gays in the past which led to an investigation after which he could stay but that caused the Libertarians to get out of the city council. A while back he was eventually fired because he also worked for Iranian government financed TV. Now he feels his dignity and honor is lost because of what happened. I think he should get lost.

Police called for vibrator

6 03 2010

A woman in Bochum,Germany, heard some scary noises in her house and called the police. When she called the cops, they heard the noise through the phone and immediately sent agents over. When police searched her house ¬†they found the “criminal”. A vibrating vibrator!!. How embarrassing!

Too ugly to be a criminal!!!

18 11 2009

Brit David Holyoak committed an unsuccessful robbery that made him to go prison for 3 years. The judge in court told him that he should not try to pursue a career in the criminal world. He should look in the mirror and then he would know why. With his big ears and very unusual face Holyoak was also called Shrek. Because of this it would be too easy to find him after he commits a crime. Poor guy!!!