Gossip; Cranberries, Whitney Houston, McSteamy loves his coke

3 09 2009

My favorite band of the 90’s, The Cranberries are going to reunite!! Dolores O’Riordan and the original members of the band will go on tour together where they will play music from Dolores’s new album and they will also write new stuff together.As a moody teen this music was my everything!! Now i like more upbeat dance music. So even though I grew up my taste in music goes down a year every year I get older, haha.

Talking about comebacks, Whitney Houston had her big comeback concert in Central Park for 5.000 fans this week for Good Morning America and she sounded like she ate gravel the night before. Extremely husky but it was live at least and she still sounds like Whitney. On the upside her new album will be the number 1 in the Billboard charts next week.

Eric Dane, Grey’s McSteamy, and his wife Rebecca Gayheart seem to really like their drugs. After the crack video that was made public last month now a source claims that they were snorting coke at a party in Hollywood a few years back. I am the last one to criticise people for doing drugs but I always have to think about the family of the boy that Gayheart killed while driving with a cellphone in her hands. Was she doing drugs back then?? Or maybe she started taking drugs to deal with the drama, that’s a possibility as well.

Gossip; Kerry katona suicide threats, Scissor Sister in dirty Berlin and women prefer water over sex

31 08 2009

Kerry Katona has threatened to kill herself after a tumultuous week in which her step-sister talked about her drug-abused nose troubles and Kerry ended up in jail for 8 hours after hurling tea at her accountant. She sobbed so hard her kids woke up and her husband took her to a remote hotel to calm down. I think this woman needs some serious mental help and rehab. Otherwise I see a real suicide happening soon.

Jake Shears from the Scissor Sisters, a fantastic flamboyant U.S. band that has had number 1 hits in both the U.K and the Netherlands, talks about their new album in Q magazine. He fell in love with dance music again while being in Berlin for three months, took a lot of drugs and visited the most outrageous sex-parties. Can’t wait now for their album and I have to agree with Jake. If there is one city in the world sleazy and debaucherous it’s Berlin. And I mean that in a positive way!!

Women prefer water over sex!!. According to a survey in a women’s magazine about their priorities, sleep, healthy eating, exercise, minimized stress, relaxation and drinking enough water were more important for their well-being then having a good sex life. I guess there were not a lot of Samantha Jones types  in the survey.