Gay Teabaggers

7 08 2010

They exist.

Democratic fundraiser keeps losing sponsors

22 06 2009

The big LGBT fundraiser this week has already lost numerous important people as a reaction against the DOMA brief from Obama and the lack of support for gay rights in the Democratic Party lately. The largest grassroots network of LGBT activists in the nation, the Stonewall Democrats, GLAD attorney Mary Bonauto, former head of the Obama Leadership Council Stampp Corbin, and other prominent former donors have decided to cancel. I think it;s great, the Democratic Party needs to show it deserves the money of the LGBT Community  and it is not doing that right now. For instance in New York where many democratic senators are anti gay-marriage, like bigot Ruben Diaz Sr. Maybe this little bit of pressure from the gays will lead to good actions coming from the Democratic Party and President Obama.