Gay facts and numbers

17 05 2010

4 out of 10 gay men does not like anal intercourse, there goes the term butt-pirate.

Gay men into kinky sex are mostly found in the District of Columbia, (all those politicians) they are number 1 in almost all. Minnesota is are number 2 into role-play and watersports, 7.4% are popular in New Hampshire. In Oregon 13% of  gays like exhibitionism.

One in 5 king-pinguin is gay, 18% of gorilla-monkeys have gay tendencies and 8% of male sheep prefer the company of other males.

District of Columbia has the biggest penises

16 09 2009

Dating website Manhunt did a survey on the size of penises in various states of the United States. Of course it’s about what man say  they have in their pants and in general it’s at least about an inch smaller I know from reality, haha. 

Top 5 Biggest Dicks

1 District of Columbia 7.59

2 New York  7.5

3 San Francisco 7.45

4 Florida 7.44

5 Kentucky 7.42

Smallest cocks

1 Alaska 6.34

2 Wyoming 6.92

3 Delaware 6.94

Poor Sarah Palin, and I probably know now which side, front of back, Levi Johnston is gonna show in his Playgirl shoot!! According to many New York men are big dicks, but at least they have it in their pants as well, to back it up!!