Transgender chicken??

11 05 2010

The Italian rooster Gianni from Tuscany started his life as a stallion, crowing at his farm surrounded  by his hens. When a fox raided the farm though and all the hens died, Gianni thought it was time for a change. A sex-change. Very shortly after the raid, Gianni started laying eggs and tying to hatch them. This has baffled scientist and they are studying his DNA to see what causes the change. They think it may be a primitive species survival gene, Gianni wanted his line ensured and that meant he had to become a hen. Very interesting.

Toetanchamon died of malaria

16 02 2010

I have seen many shows talking about how Egyptian Pharaoh Toetanchamon died, many suspecting murder or an accident. A team of researchers did the most intense research ever and found a malaria parasite in his DNA. This combined with a broken leg caused the 19-year-old to die 3300 years ago.