Iran bans pet dogs

24 06 2010

A high-ranked ayatollah in Iran has told police they should fine anyone with a pet dog. Working dogs are still allowed. They issued a fatwa calling dogs unclean and friendships with dogs an imitation of the western world. WTF.

Gay news, Carrie Bradshaw not sexy, $20 mill for perez, Travolta baby, Bristil Palin for hire

20 05 2010

After last year being named the least sexy woman in the world, this year Pincer Wodka did a poll under man who from Sex and The City they would like to sleep with. Number one was Charlotte, number 2 Samantha, 3 Miranda and 4 Carrie. She sure is not sexy imo either, but it is not that bad… Probably too scrawny and whiney.

Perez Hilton apparently got an offer from Avid Live Media and 2 other gossip bloggers to take over his website for $20 million. $18 million up front and $2 million in escrow over a year. Perez’s role himself in the new project is unknown. Last year the site was already worth $34 million but I would still take the money.

John Travolta and his wife Kelly Preston, 47, are expecting their third child. She is a little old imo but after the tragedy last year when they lost their 16-year old son Jett  and last week when they lost 2 of their dogs in a freak accident, it is great they have a little happiness coming soon.

It should not get any weirder than this. Bristol Palin signed up to get work as a guest speaker. She wants to talk about abstinence, youth, and pro-life and wants $15-25 thousand for 1 appearance. So getting banged and unwanted pregnancies makes people qualified to be a speaker on important issues.

(gay) news, Polish anti-gay Prime Minister dies, Huckabee still an ass, gay marriage close in Portugal

11 04 2010

A true tragedy happened yesterday in Russia where a polish airplane crashed that had almost the whole polish political elite on board. Because of fog the already old airplane could not land and did anyway and hit some trees before crashing. One of the people on board was Prime Minister Lech Kaczinsky a notorious homophobe. He was the most anti-gay leader of a european country. He banned gay prides and said same-sex marriage would destruct society. Hopefully a more progressive leader will succeed him, because I have polish family that I really like and both times I have been in Poland I had a good time so wish nothing but the best for the polish people.

Fox host and former presidential candidate Mike Huckabee showed he is still a bigoted douchebag. He said gays in the military would be nothing more than a “social experiment,” gay marriage and even civil unions are not necessary comparing it to drug use and polygamy. Gays should also not be able to adopt because kids are not puppies(!!!) and parenting is very serious and not for gays. The puppy comment is interesting even more so when knowing his son hung a stray dog.

Gay marriage is only 1 signature away in Portugal.The nation’s legislature recently passed a marriage equality bill that now has been approved by Portugal’s Constitutional Court. It now only needs the signature of the President to become law. President Silva opposes gay marriage but his veto will likely be overridden. Good for Portugal, one down, a lot to go.

Gay news, Mugabe rears his ugly head again, Lithuania just as gay friendly as Norway!!??, anti-Derrick rally

27 03 2010

Zimbabwe leaders Mugabe and Tsvirangi are outraged at even the suggestion for gay rights, Mugabe calls homosexuality something that destroys nationhood(like he not already destroyed Zimbabwe single-handedly). In 2006 he already called gays less than pigs and dogs. Poor people of Zimbabwe.

Lithuanian prime minster Kubilius defended his country against allegations from the EU that it would be homophobic by saying it was just as tolerant as Scandinavian countries like Norway and Denmark. What a joke, those countries are some of the most tolerant on the world. Lithuania, not!!

Poor Derrick Martin. First his parents throw him out of the house after finding out he is gay on such a media level. Now some student are holding a anti-Derrick rally because they do not like it that he can bring a boy to the prom and all the attention this brings to their town. Ugly bigots, shame on them. Only positive thing for Derrick, Ellen DeGeneres wants him on her show.

PETA should back off a little

3 02 2010

I am getting a little sick of PETA’s aggressive and ridiculous behavior. Every celebrity that wears fur should decide that for themselves and not have to be scared for attacks by PETA. First there was the issue around singer Kelis who was so fed-up with critique from PETA that she wrote a letter to them saying she is pro-carnivore and pro-fur in a very elaborate way. She says she loves to feel of real fur and hates fake and points out that fur is not made from endangered species(totally agree with her on that) To rub them the wrong way even more she says she salivates while writing about eating a steak. Love my steak as well.

Another victim of PETA was figure skater Johnny Weir who had fox fur in his little outfit for the Olympics. After the U.S trials PETA promised to disturb his Olympic games and fired threats to Weir’s designer. They decided not to have their lives ruined and will change to fake fur. Not because they agree with PETA though. So by bullying people and threats PETA sometimes get what they want. Weir said that people should pick their battles. Over a hundred thousand dead people in Haiti, people dying from hunger all over the world but a little bit of fur on an outfit is too much. I agree with him on that.

So as a conclusion I like to say I am against animal cruelty(people like Michael Vick should still be in prison), love my dogs but also love meat and think people should have the right to wear fur if they want without getting death threats.

Gayest story ever!!

22 08 2009

A chihuahua with pink earrings was stolen from a gay man at a gay bar in Walton Manors, Florida by a man with a Britney Spears tattoo. Enough said!!!!

Sports news Bites; tennis, Michael Vick and Michael Phelps

14 08 2009

Serena Williams joked about Kim Clijsters’ comeback that she herself looked more like she had a baby then Kim. Pretty funny and pretty much true as well. Meanwhile Kim has beaten Kuznetsova and is in the quarterfinals of the Cincinnati tournaments and both Williams-sisters are out losing to Bammer and Pennetta.

Dog abuser Michael Vick has signed a one-year contract with American Football team the Philadelphia Eagles for a year, just after being released from prison. Surprised that anyone would hire a cruel guy like that for a family friendly sports team. I would not wanna play in a team with a guy like that.

And Michael Phelps made sure to keep the tradition of being in trouble after winning medals at Olympics or World championships alive. He was involved in a three-car accident in Baltimore. Apparently it was Michael’s fault.