Gay news, Lady Elton/Rush, Cali IRS to recognize gay couples, straight men more accepting of gays, fake gay weddings in NY

6 06 2010

Anti-gay conservative Rush Limbaugh is marrying for the 4th time(Viva Viagra) and none-other-then Elton John is performing at his wedding in Palm Beach. Elton gets a million bucks for it, but still. I thought he had better morals, he does not need that money.

The IRS in California will start to recognize gay couples as a pair for tax purposes. This means that income earned by registered domestic partners will be treated as community property income for federal income taxes. Suppose that 1 partner makes 100K and the other 60K, they used to each file their own. Now they can each report 80K and this new law could reduce federal taxes for some domestic partners. Back in 2006 the IRS was against this law. A small step in the right direction.

Fo the first time in history the percentage of straight people morally accepting gay relationships has gone over 50%. The biggest change is in straight men 18-40 where is has gone up almost 20% in 2 years. Quite stunning. The NY times has 3 theories for this. 1 they know more and more out gay men so it is harder to discriminate. 2 men got more and more at ease with things that are “different” and see it is not a disaster like previously thought.3 Virulent homophobes are being exposed as gay a lot lately and men do not wanna be associated with this. Anti-gay is the old gay. Not cool. I think 1 is the most important.There is still a long way to go though because accepting of gays as an idea is a lot easier than accepting the act of being gay. So it is fine as long as they do not have to think about gay sex.

NY is hoping to get extra money by offering fake gay wedding ceremonies for partners that want to “dignify their partners status with a ceremony similar to real weddings.” Only 2 people showed up friday on the first day. Not a surprise, how can it be with dignity if it does not mean anything. It is almost an insult and copy-catting Las Vegas.

Gay news; Washington in favor of domestic partnerships, God hates shellfish so no more Maine lobster for me, marriage equality in NY??

6 11 2009

In Washington State referendum 71 passed yesterday. It was to preserve the new domestic partnerships law and it won with 52% of the votes. I think it is great at least something big was won during Tuesdays election. But I am also wondering why 48% of the people of Washington State are even against domestic partnership. With marriage they can use that marriage is between a man and a woman. But what excuse they use to vote against domestic partnership. Must be pure hate.

So if 53% of Maine is against equality for gays, many citing the bible that God says it’s an abomination for a man to lay with another man. Well in the same bible it says that eating shellfish is an abomination so maybe people should also stop ordering Maine lobster. Since the word of God is more important then the well-being of people, a downfall in the Maine economy is not that big a deal to Maine people.  I am not gonna eat Maine lobster for a while.

Governor Paterson from the State New York has called the senate back for a special session on November 10 and marriage equality is on the agenda. Paterson is a true ally of the gay community( a lot more than the other so-called ally in the white house). Now I hope that more than half of the 62 State Senators will vote in favor of marriage equality, but I have my severe doubts. Let’s try to stay positive though for all LGBT New Yorkers and hope for equality. It’s about time in this state.

Gay news; Obama, Brad Pitt, ex-gays

6 08 2009

The error rate in signatures for the anti-gay measure to get the now allowed domestic partnerships law up for referendum in Washington has increased to 14.4 %. It’s the highest error rate of any ever seen so far. And then to think of all the people that were scammed into signing in favor of gay marriage but instead signed against it.

Brad Pitt again showed he is a friend of us gays. He said he would only marry his Angelina if everyone(so gays) can get married as well. He also speaks out against Prop 8 and says he has no understanding for that kind of hatred. Brad says hatred is something almost always being passed on by parents, something I totally agree with. 

The American Psychologist Organization made in a statement clear that, after a significant study, there is no reason to believe ex-gay therapy works. Professionals should not tell people they can change their sexuality, but instead help them accept it. I could have told them that before a study but it’s good that is now officially on paper. I always just feel sad for those people acting like have changed their sexuality through therapy.

The U.S.’ most famous gay magazine Advocate confronts Obama on their cover saying “the hero was a player after all”. He has promised a lot and delivered very little according to Advocate. I think Obama seems to think only talking about gay rights and saying he is gonna do a lot for them is enough, but more and more gay people are very impatient and frustrated and hopefully this will pressure him into action. We will have to see if that happens though.

Gay news

4 08 2009

In Wisconsin on monday gay couples can take advantage of the new domestic partnerships registry. It will afford same-sex couples about 40 legal protections previously extended to married couples only. It’s not total equality yet, but better then nothing.

On Joe My God  I read that the founder of Mission America, Linda Harvey, said some really despicable things about the gay murders in Tel Aviv. She first really shortly says the murders are bad(just to cover her ass for the rest of the hate she is gonna be spewing), but right after that complains that the gays blame religious people for the murders and says everybody has to right to oppose homosexuality also people in Israel. And if those children would not be going to those centers they would not have been dead, blaming the centers for luring the children in. First of all these were young people between 16-mid 20’s and no little children,at that age they know how they are! And how terrible are you to use the death of those people to advance your own sick message.

Gay news; Washington gay law blocked, Outgames homophobia, El Paso backs gays

28 07 2009

The Washington domestic partnerships law, scheduled to go into effect Sunday, was blocked by anti gay groups who turned in signatures to put a referendum on the ballot that would repeal the “everything but marriage” measure.  I saw clips on how they gathered those signatures basically by scamming people into signing something they are not in favor of. 

At the Outgames in Copenhagen three men were attacked by a 28 and 33 year old after the opening on Friday night. The men were called faggots and ended up in the hospital with their injuries. They have since been released. The attackers are being held into custody until the games are over next weekend. Awful that things like that happen even in an open-minded county. I guess idiots are everywhere.

Some good news from the Outgames as well. Jack Mackenroth from Project Runway won a bronze medal in the 200m freestyle swimming. I bet he looks hot in a speedo. I have seen him work out in my gym multiple times and he seems like a great guy with a super hot body! Update, he won to silver medals as well today.

And the El Paso city council has unanimously approved a resolution reaffirming the city’s dedication to tolerance and acceptance of gays. This was necessary after the confrontation between a few gay men and security guards at Chico’s tacos restaurant, a story  have blogged about a few weeks ago. The police department has made a promise to teach more about diversity as well following the reaction of an officer that tried to charge the gay men with “homosexual conduct”