Venus’s dress

26 05 2010

Not Venus Williams play is getting attention at Roland Garros, but her dress. Her black/pink dress looks like lingerie and both her tits and her ass are in full display during her matches. She calls her own creation for brand EleVEn nude fabric and according to her it is all about illusion. It certainly is fairly nude and on someone else it could be sexy. On Tyra Banks or RuPaul maybe, but not on Venus. Wonder what her God Jehovah thinks about it!!

Suri Cruise, 3 years going on 30

16 12 2009

Most celebrity toddlers are cute and seem fairly normal. Violet Affleck(Ben Affleck/Jennifer Garner), Kingston Rossdale( Gavin Rossdale/Gwen Stefani), Shiloh Jolie-Pitt(needs no explanation). One of those toddlers is way of that normal range though and that is Suri Cruise. Reason for that, her ridiculous parents. Every new picture I see of her I cringe a little more. She is 3 years old and (allegedly) wears little high heels all the time(isn’t that bad for growth and posture), wears huge earrings, is up around mid-night and drinks from Starbucks. It already started with her not wearing coats in the winter to show of her perfect little dresses but it gets worse all the time. I also read in the gossip magazines that Tom lets her do anything she wants because that way a kid can express itself best. Yeah and turn into an egotistical little brat!! Poor Suri, never had a chance in hell.