24 01 2010

This weekend I watched the movie Pedro about openly HIV-positive and gay icon Pedro Zamora. He captured millions of hearts all over America during his time in MTV’s The Real World San Francisco back in 1994. The movie is from the same screenwriter as Milk, Dustin Lance Black, so destined to be great and it is. I do not often cry during movies but this was one of those movies. It is so inspirational, emotional and well acted. As a bonus the DVD also has 3 episodes from the Real World to give people like me who had not seen the series(only saw Real World Hawaii with the crazy drunk girl) an idea of how it was. The actors are all a little prettier, but definitely look a lot like the real people in the series. I think this movie is a must-see for every one in the gay community and it would not hurt straight people to see it as well.


Gay news; Dustin Lance Black, Poland, Beirut

5 08 2009

Dustin Lance Black, Oscar winner with Milk and writer of Big Love, is gonna sue the website for leaking photos that show him having bareback sex with his partner at the time. He says he did not know the pictures were taken and demands $3 million. While I can understand him being pissed about sex pics being exposed while he is a serious writer and example for young gays, the pics clearly see him looking into the camera so I think he did know about this. And $3 million is quite a lot.

A gay men in Poland won a big landmark case against one of his female neighbors that kept calling him a faggot in the supermarket and apartment complex. The court in Szczecin ruled that the man should receive 15.00o zlotty. Great in a country were the government is so anti-gay. Personally I like Poland, have been there twice and my cousin married a very nice and cute girl in Poland where we had a great wedding, my boyfriend was invited as well. Never felt any anti-gay atmosphere there.

According to a travel article in the New York times, Beirut is the Provincetown of the Middle East. I have read more articles about Beirut and that is is fairly tolerant for gays and has a nice nightlife. Lots of people from neighboring countries come to the capital of Lebanon to be open and to party. While I think it’s great that there is some open-mindedness over there,  homosexuality is still illegal in Lebanon so I think I will just go to the real Provincetown instead.




14 06 2009

This week Paris Hilton broke up with her boyfriend of a couple months(wow, couple months!!) and partied the night away with soccer player Ronaldo. Carrie Prejean is acting all sad and surprised after being dethroned as Miss California, even though for everyone to read were her emails to her former bosses that showed her as a diva-bitch that had it all coming. Adam Lambert came out of the closet(huge surprise) and Milk and Big Love screenwriter Dustin Lance Black had very personal pictures from himself posted on the Internet(by a jealous former lover), nude and having sex. Not a biggie to me, but maybe to others!?