Gay news; Washington gay law blocked, Outgames homophobia, El Paso backs gays

28 07 2009

The Washington domestic partnerships law, scheduled to go into effect Sunday, was blocked by anti gay groups who turned in signatures to put a referendum on the ballot that would repeal the “everything but marriage” measure.  I saw clips on how they gathered those signatures basically by scamming people into signing something they are not in favor of. 

At the Outgames in Copenhagen three men were attacked by a 28 and 33 year old after the opening on Friday night. The men were called faggots and ended up in the hospital with their injuries. They have since been released. The attackers are being held into custody until the games are over next weekend. Awful that things like that happen even in an open-minded county. I guess idiots are everywhere.

Some good news from the Outgames as well. Jack Mackenroth from Project Runway won a bronze medal in the 200m freestyle swimming. I bet he looks hot in a speedo. I have seen him work out in my gym multiple times and he seems like a great guy with a super hot body! Update, he won to silver medals as well today.

And the El Paso city council has unanimously approved a resolution reaffirming the city’s dedication to tolerance and acceptance of gays. This was necessary after the confrontation between a few gay men and security guards at Chico’s tacos restaurant, a story  have blogged about a few weeks ago. The police department has made a promise to teach more about diversity as well following the reaction of an officer that tried to charge the gay men with “homosexual conduct”

Gay news

9 07 2009

Two men in a Mexican restaurant in El Paso were ejected and verbally assaulted by other customers and staff after kissing. The police came and told them it was illegal in Texas for 2 men or women to kiss in public and could be cited with homosexual conduct. Ridiculous that states in the US still have those rules. What about anti-discrimination laws.

From august 1, gay couples in Wisconsin can have many of the same rights of heterosexual married couples in that state by forming a legal domestic partnership. While it’s not total equality, this is probably now as good as it gets over there.

And Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakly filed a lawsuit challenging the federal government for denying equal benefits to citizens of her state under DOMA. Well done!! Hopefully she wins.