Tennis, Grass Court Season

16 06 2010

After a long clay season it is always fun to see how many early upsets there are in the second biggest grass court tournament of the year in Eastbourne. This year is no different. Yesterday and today in the first and second rounds Wozniacki, Petrova Pennetta and Roland Garros champ Schiavone lost. All did great at the clay of Roland Garros but showed playing on grass is something else. Kim Clijsters though, who came back after a few months of injury timeout, proved she is a class above the others just mentioned and beat fellow Belgian Wickmayer(with icy handshake by Wickmayer) and Safarova 6-1 6-1 and 6-1 6-0. Hope this is a good sign for Wimbledon for Kimmie.

Germany wins Eurovision 2010

30 05 2010

Unlike most gay men in Europe I am not a huge fan of this yearly event watched by million and millions of people. In between commercial breaks I saw the english and german entries, who I saw later on ended first and last. The english guy was kinda cute but the song very old-fashioned and he song very off-key. The german girl looked cool, smiled a lot and the song is pretty catchy. Little bit Lily Allen-esque. The accent though, posh english with crappy german-english thrown in. It gave Germany its first win since 1982!! Then it was still Western-Germany.

Real-life UP or balloon boy

30 05 2010

American Jonathan Trapp became the fist person to cross the English Channel in a cluster of helium-filled balloons. It took him 3 hours to land in France in his wicker chair after take off in Kent, England . Pretty cool.

Mother lets baby burn in the sun

26 05 2010

A  29-year old mother has been arrested because she let her baby bake in the sun on the beach, unprotected for 5 hours. It was in Brighton, England with 25 degrees,high 70’s. Passing cops saw the baby covered in blisters and brought it to a hospital. The mom is accused of negligence. Terrible woman, there really needs to be an IQ test before you can get kids.

Gay news, outrage Malawi sentence(Madonna/White House, Aussi news(Gay MP and football, gays in military does work, Backstreet boys at gay pride SF

21 05 2010

It seems that everyone is upset with the sentence of the Malawian gay couple yesterday. They got 14 years in jail and hard labour for being in love. First our minister for foreign affairs, christian democrat Maxime Verhagen called it terrible and says Malawi does not get any money from the Netherlands.He also calls for EU sanctions against Malawi. Madonna who is building a school there  also says she is shocked and saddened and thinks Malawi took a giant step backwards. The White House send out a statement strongly condemning it.

An Australian Labor MP(strong family values!) has resigned yesterday after being filmed leaving a gay sex sauna and club. He even used the ministerial car to go there. He is married with 2 children. Why are it always the “family values” guys.

Australian footballer leagues Jason Akermanis had the message for gay players to stay in the closet. He told in a column in the Herald Tribune that AFL footy is not ready for it. Using the showering together as the biggest reason while saying he is not homophobic. Why always she showering. Guys look at each other’s cocks anyway, gay or not. And what man does not look at a women’s tits?? Is that such a big deal?? His own club as well as others have distanced themselves from his comments as have other athletes.

Gays in the military are a non-issue in the Netherlands, Israel, England, Canada and Australia, officers of those countries have told at a DADT hearing. There are even benefits like better retention of qualified soldiers. Gays often do not have children and that is the main reason for many soldiers to leave the army in their 20’s/30’s.

And some light news to end this post. The Backstreet Boys will be performing at this year’s Gay pride in SF on june 27. They must be the most popular male band ever in the world to have performed at Pride. I have never been a fan at all, but good for them.

Fireman save woman from bowling ball

22 04 2010

Social worker Cherie Beekman from Manchester, England thought it would be fun to go bowling with some of her teens. It started as fun but when she wanted to give off the ball her thumb got stuck and she could not get the ball of her. It took firemen 2 hours! to remove the ball from her hands. I bet Cherie is not going bowling again soon.

Gay swans make love nest

16 04 2010

At a swan-farm in Abbotsbury, England there are many nests with an egg, one though is the exception. A nest from 2 male swans. According to the breeder they are together for more than 2 years and have no eye for the ladies. Every year they act like a straight couple, they make a new nest and sit on it as if it has eggs. Pretty cool.