Gay news, outrage Malawi sentence(Madonna/White House, Aussi news(Gay MP and football, gays in military does work, Backstreet boys at gay pride SF

21 05 2010

It seems that everyone is upset with the sentence of the Malawian gay couple yesterday. They got 14 years in jail and hard labour for being in love. First our minister for foreign affairs, christian democrat Maxime Verhagen called it terrible and says Malawi does not get any money from the Netherlands.He also calls for EU sanctions against Malawi. Madonna who is building a school there  also says she is shocked and saddened and thinks Malawi took a giant step backwards. The White House send out a statement strongly condemning it.

An Australian Labor MP(strong family values!) has resigned yesterday after being filmed leaving a gay sex sauna and club. He even used the ministerial car to go there. He is married with 2 children. Why are it always the “family values” guys.

Australian footballer leagues Jason Akermanis had the message for gay players to stay in the closet. He told in a column in the Herald Tribune that AFL footy is not ready for it. Using the showering together as the biggest reason while saying he is not homophobic. Why always she showering. Guys look at each other’s cocks anyway, gay or not. And what man does not look at a women’s tits?? Is that such a big deal?? His own club as well as others have distanced themselves from his comments as have other athletes.

Gays in the military are a non-issue in the Netherlands, Israel, England, Canada and Australia, officers of those countries have told at a DADT hearing. There are even benefits like better retention of qualified soldiers. Gays often do not have children and that is the main reason for many soldiers to leave the army in their 20’s/30’s.

And some light news to end this post. The Backstreet Boys will be performing at this year’s Gay pride in SF on june 27. They must be the most popular male band ever in the world to have performed at Pride. I have never been a fan at all, but good for them.

Politics, Kagan Supreme Court, The Netherlands, Red families against blue families

12 05 2010

After  a lot of speculating in that direction Obama nominated Elena Kagan as new Supreme Court nominee. I like that she is a woman, to even out the ratio in the court but on issues I care about I dunno yet how good she will be. There are rampant rumors she is lesbian and both sides want her to come out. The religious right to use it against  her on gay issues(they don’t think it is fair she can vote on gay issues, how ridiculous is that), the left because they are afraid it will compromise her voting just to prove a point. So far we know she is against DADT but also that she does not necessarily think gay marriage is a constitutional right but a matter of political process. Not good for marriage equality cases.

New Government Elections in the Netherlands are being held on June 9 and the Dutch Labor Party(PVDA) wants to have to the right for christian school to not hire a gay teacher removed. Officially schools cannot discriminate but under European law they can make up their own professional demands. I will not vote PVDA but I do like this initiative.

Cultural conservatives often condemn the loose moral values and lifestyles of cities like San Francisco. But if you wanna find stable 2 parents families and well-treated kids you have a bigger chance finding them in SF then in “Palin- Country.” The country’s lowest divorce rate is in the original home state of gay marriage Massachusetts. Blue(democratic) states have far lower divorce rates and teen pregnancies then red states. Very interesting! “Family values” might be bad for families!

Gay news;church removes Pepsi, Missouri, dirty Republican

10 09 2009

A christian mega-church in Florida had all it’s 10 Pepsi vending machines removed of the premises because Pepsi supports the homosexual lifestyle. The reason for that is Pepsi’s donation to fight prop 8. Now they have changed to Coca-Cola, but apparently they do not know Coca Cola also supports full-equality.

My sister-in-law lives in Missouri so when I read something about there I always am extra interested. Well, the city council of Springfield(her favorite shopping city) is gonna remove a gay sex solicitation law of 1976. Until now it was unlawful for any person in a public place to invite or entice a person of the same gender for sex. Even though this law was not really enforced anymore it was time to have it removed, it was just too ridiculous for words in the year 2009. 

Republican’s like to talk dirty. California Assembly man Michael Duvall, who is against gay marriage and portrayed himself as a “family values’ guy has resigned after a rather embarrassing  incident. The married father of two did not know he was talking in an open mic when speaking about affairs with female lobbyists. He told one of the girls was wearing eye-patch underwear and she told him when she walked down the stairs he was “leaking out of her”. What a great family man this is, I bet his kids and wife are super proud.

Tennessee state Senator in blackmail sex scandal

23 07 2009

Paul Stanley who according to himself is a “family values” guy( married with to children) and has voted against gay adoptions was being blackmailed by the boyfriend of his mistress, a 22-year-old intern. Joel Watts found pornographic pictures from his girlfriend taken at Stanley’s house. After demanding $10.000 t0 keep quiet, Stanley went to the FBI and they set up Watts. What guy with any values does this, let alone family values. Poor wife and kids.